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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Review: Best Episodes

Instead on doing a traditional review of the entire 3rd season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was great, as usual, I’m going to tell you all which five episodes were my favorite of the season! This way, if you want to just go back and watch a few, you’ve got some good suggestions.

So here’s my list…just in episode order, I tried to rank them but it was too hard; they’re all equally awesome:

3×01 New Captain


This was a great season opener. Season 2 ended with a couple of cliffhangers: Jake and Amy kissed and Holt was transferred to the PR department. The premiere revealed that their new captain was a neurotic man named Seth Dozerman (played perfectly by Bill Hader). In short, he was not great for the precinct. But they didn’t need to worry about him for too long, because walking in on Jake and Amy hooking up gave him a heart attack. Which leads me to the other reason the premiere was great–Jake and Amy actually decided to become a real couple.

3×05 Halloween III


Year 3 of Jake and Holt’s competition for the title of “Amazing detective/genius” ended differently than it has in previous years. Amy was sick of being yanked around by the two of them and decided to claim the title for herself. The Halloween episodes are always awesome, but the real reason this is on my list is because #girlpower #YASAmy.

5×12 9 Days


Holt and Jake confined to a house for 9 days because they both contracted hideous cases of the mumps? Of COURSE this is on my list. To top it all off, mama Amy came to take care of them AND make them terrible ziti. Not to mention, this episode also featured Rosa trying to help Charles recover from the loss of his dog. That is very relatable.

3×13 The Cruise

Source: Tumblr

This episode featured the return of Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), who was laying it low as a cruise ship entertainer. It also featured Niecy Nash as Captain Holt’s “drama queen” sister. And Jake and Amy on a couple’s cruise, saying ‘I love you’ for the first time? Perfect episode is perfect.

3×18 Cheddar

Source: Alex C // The game of Nerds

This one’s really sticking out to me because, in my opinion, it was the first great episode in a string of pretty ‘meh’ episodes. Jake, Amy, and a temporarily blind Charles housesit for Holt while he goes on a trip to Paris, but it takes literally 5 minutes for Cheddar to wreck the house and escape. Jake enlists the help of the rest of the 99 to find Cheddar before Holt findsd out, but he’s Holt, so he did. Hilarity ensued. Throughout the entire episode. So much that I couldn’t decide what to gif so I gif-ed a bunch. Check them out here:

Honorable mentions: The last three episodes of the season (Maximum Security, Bureau, & Greg and Larry) felt more like a 3 part saga, and they were all awesome. Maybe I should’ve done a top 8.

This season had a few week spots, but overall it was great. I’m so excited to see what they do next season–especially with Jake and Holt in witness protection!

Overall season rating: 4 out of 5 nerd glasses.



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