Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art. Hope our American readers had a smashing, safe and sane 4th of July. Unfortunately, we’re short on fireworks-related pictures this week. We do, however, got a red-hot pick to start this week off with:

7. Mouth of Flames

I feel like this may be a first for this list: a picture by one-half of the Linngrimm duo: Lins. She’s kicking off this week’s list with a wicked-looking firebreather. Red-hot flame effects aren’t the only thing giving this draconic flamer a dark impression, though. For example, check out her face and ear. There’s a large burn scar covering a decent chunk of the right side of her face, and her right ear is partially singed off. Mistakes from early firebreathing years, or something caused by a rival?

6. Lost

Standing alone at the #6 spot is this moody piece by Euxat. I really like the sense of emotion that’s captured with the character’s pose, and way things are set up, like the path, and the bright light. The dark shadows set up against bright lights also add to that concept, and doesn’t it always feel that way when you’re lost? The bright light is right there, but so far away.

5. Optimystic Vibes

And now RedIzak gives us a break from the wicked and the lost with this really nice, bright, and chipper-looking avian character. It feels like I don’t see sunsets attempted to often on these lists, and the piece does a nice job of suggesting that just with the lights on the character and the color of the clouds alone. Optimystic vibes indeed!

4. Look Harder

Kyander hit us this week with this very beautiful-looking piece of The Lion King fanart that depicts a pivotal moment in the movie. The colors on this piece are fantastic. For example, I love the mystical blues that surround Rafiki and Simba. And the camera angle, while very similar to the movie’s, works great, adding some nice sense of motion and drawing attention to the emotions of both characters.

And if you look hard enough at this list, you’ll get to see some pretty cool honorable mentions:

Some golden honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Rival Frog

Art by Nada

The Lion King isn’t the only thing getting fan art this week – looks like we’ve got some rockin’ Rivals of Aether fan art as well! I’m loving this action piece of Ranno – he does seem to be a popular pick for fan art. Such heavy use of greens, but it’s not overbearing, and there’s even a bit of green light on Ranno. The pose and angle, however, are what really sell this piece for me. It’s so dynamic and intense.

2. Frostbeak

Christina Kraus takes the #2 spot with this serious-business owl spellcaster. We’ve had the element of poison – now we’ve got the element of ice. Blue always goes well with white, especially when you mix pice blue with snow-white. You also get a sense of the force and power of the ice magic, given the pose of the wings and the way their sashes are flowing in the wind. An awesome take on a spellcaster charging up their magical powers.

And now, the #1 pick for this week is:

1. Wielding Stasis

Even more blue, brought to you by Fluffy Stasis! And some more ice powers too. Stasis brings us this Lizard character that wields some cool ice magic and is even sporting a literal ice scepter. I love the way that Stasis depicted the ice magic – you have the ever-classic frozen hand, but also other things like ice around the feet, and ice on the shoulder. I don’t really see that, so it’s pretty cool to see little details like that. As a final note, I’m a big fan of the reds used in this piece.

Congratulations and well done Fluffy Stasis! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings another list of cool fury art to a close. Ice is always a great element, and with how hot summer has been for some of us, imagining a nice blast of winter wonder powers gives some slight reprieve from the hot blasts of heat.

But enough of my cold puns – what did you think of this week’s list? Let me know in the comments down below, and I’ll see you all next week!