Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on!

We finally figured out what DeVoe’s grand plan is! But first lets talk about the episode itself and what worked and what didn’t. “True Colors” starts off right away with Barry being moved to the metahuman wing of Iron Heights after being outed as the Flash by Warden Wolfe (Richard Brooks) in last week’s episode. As it turns out, Wolfe is making a deal with Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) to sell his metahumans to her, this includes all of the bus meta’s that Barry has been rounding up since he came back from the Speed Force. However thanks to Cecile’s new mind reading ability she is able to see through Wolfe’s ruse to Iris and Team Flash springs into action to rescue Barry alongside discovering that Ralph has a new shapeshifting ability — more on that later. On the flip side, Barry is having a little prison break of his own with the said bus metas while trying not to reveal his identity to anyone at the same time.

The Flash "True Colors"

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True Colors was the episode that finally showed off DeVoe’s grand plan that he started once Barry was arrested at the Winter Finale. He’s apparently trying to mind swap with each bus meta, effectively swapping his overpowered mind into the body of each new meta while retaining the previous meta’s abilities as well. By episode’s end, DeVoe effectively had not just his own brain powers and Dominic’s mind reading, but also sadly Jinx’s (Sugar Lyn Beard) bad luck abilities. However due to DeVoe mind swapping too much, there are hints that his cognitive abilities are seriously diminishing and he’s unable to calculate ahead of time like he use to. Case in point the scene while he was in Dominic’s body and Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) was surprised her husband didn’t know what to think.

Barry does indeed get out of prison in this episode but not by escaping like you the whole episode would lead you to believe. After Wolfe, Iron Height Guards and almost everyone else who knew Barry was the Flash is effectively offed by DeVoe one by one at the climax of the episode, Barry chooses to stay back at the prison and not escape with Frost and Vibe. It actually takes Ralph to shape shifts his body into “Clifford DeVoe” at Barry’s bail hearing to say that Barry didn’t kill him and instead he just miraculously woke up in a body bag. Causing the Judge to overturn the ruling and freeing Barry, while Marlize was shellshocked and didn’t know what to think of the situation — it seems like the real DeVoe didn’t calculate this happening at all.

So “True Colors” really did ramp up the stakes for the current season of the Flash, with probably the only notable grip being how convenient it was of DeVoe to actually help out Barry, keeping his secret safe during the prison fight; and the notable absences of Harry — who was off on Earth 2 being with Jesse according to Cisco — while last week he was so laser focused in breaking Barry out of prison. It’s weird that he had zero help in actually getting Barry out. Hopefully the next episode actually covers this and also explains if DeVoe’s mind is deteriorating due to the body swaps.

‘Till next time Speedsters.