Welcome back, glad you are all caught up on what happened in the Flash part 1? Now you know all about Vandal Savage, Rip Hunter, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl. You also know that a huge potential bombshell! That Oliver Queen might still be a father! Is he? Well that is one of the things we found out this episode.

So in this episode we pick up shortly after the Flash’s ended. The group which has all of the core characters from Flash and Arrow plus Hawkman and Hawkgirl get out of town to try to re-group and think of a plan of attack for Vandal Savage. They learn that Vandal Savage is a nearly unstoppable and an immortal, who goes from life to life chasing after Hawkman and Hawkgirl for the intent of murdering them. Vandal Savage is very good at his job, he has murdered the pair over 200 times over 4000 years.

The group starts to formulate their plan of attack. They decide Flash and Arrow will follow the request of Vandal Savage and turn in Hawkman and Hawkgirl over to him. With the intent that at the last second they will all four get ready for attack on Vandal Savage. A horrible plan goes about as good as one would expect, the surprise attack on Vandal Savage did not really catch him off guard, and Hawkgirl, who as you know learned to fly, wasn’t able to get her wings operational and was a liability in the fight. Vandal Savage was able to overtake the fight, and wiped out Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Arrow, and Central City. Arrow insisted that Flash run away before it happened because he was the only one who was able to get away. Flash ran away so fast that he ran back in time to warn everyone that the current plan was not successful and they needed to think of another way.

With a second chance, Hawkgirl gets a different path for training, this time Cisco gives her advice on how to find her inner warriors priestess. They also decide it is better for everyone if all of the members gear up and get ready for battle. Hawkgirl was able to focus and have some memories from her past life, and realized that their is also a second weapon out their, one that is powerful enough to defeat Savage. With this new found knowledge and weapon the group is ready for round 2. With all hands on deck, they were able to defeat, the best you can with an immortal mind you, Vandal Savage into a pile of dust. With Vandal Savage being a big or THE enemy for Legends of Tomorrow we know he couldn’t be down for to long, and Malcolm Merlyn went and grabbed handfuls of Vandal Savage’s dust pile and said you owe me one.

The other story line, that had two different options, was Oliver Queen looking into the fact that he has a son after all. He took a DNA test, after sort of creepily acquiring a strand of hair from the boy, to see that he is in fact the father of his ex-girlfriends child that he thought was a miscarry. Turns out that Oliver’s mom paid her a million dollars to leave and say it was a miscarriage, however she never cashed the check, which I don’t really agree with, if you’re going alone at least cash it and stash it away in case you need it. Medical bills, college, school clothes, black Friday sales for Christmas who knows what you might need it for. In both time lines the boys mother wants Oliver to keep it quiet and not tell anyone if he wants to see his son, he has a hard time telling Felicity, who somehow happened to see the DNA test right after Oliver did. She knows, and was going on about trust not giving Oliver any time to really process he has a 8 or 9 year old son and how his life is going to change. In the current time line, he is keeping the knowledge to himself for now, Felicity is playing good about the whole thing as she knows, but you can see it is hurting her inside. How does this play out for the future of their partnership? Is this going to have long term affects for the group or them?