It’s time to check out some more awesome furry art! We are in the odd “5th week”, but sometimes that happens around here.

If you like the color blue, you’re in luck this week. Lots of cool blue going around in various forms, with a nice side order of adorable on some of the final pieces.

7. Send Your Rain

Don’t be so blue, this first pick is pretty cool. Demi gives us this neat canine breathing out some kind of blue fire that wraps all around the picture, with a nice wave to it and lots of different shades that make for a great-looking piece.

6. Depths of Your Eyes

Swimming into the 6th spot is this aquatic piece by Luthien Nightwolf. Romance always seems to find its way onto my lists, but I think this is the first time we’ve seen Merfurs locked in the loving bonds of infatuation. Maku, the wolf, looks absolutely handsome, and I like the various accessories, and the way his clothes and hair wave and float about. Kyra, the otter, is adorable and gets in on the floaty action with her long, lovely sash.

5. The Emerald Mistress

Okay, so this one’s a little more on the teal side than the blue side, but it still looks really cool. Just because the fire isn’t red, doesn’t mean it can’t look hot and intense. Putting the fire in the foreground was a great choice, which lets the bright flames show off and really adds an in-your-face feeling to the heat. Plus, the draconic-like avian character looks just as great – and diabolical.

4. Crystallurgy

Emberwick wows not just the feline character, but us as well with this wizard in the #4 spot. I simply love the shocked expression of the feline character – it adds a lot of character to the piece. The magic blue stone looks really cool, and the brightness of it draws in the eye. But that face is great, and I feel that face along with the gem really makes the piece.

Don’t get too shocked, however, as we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Some nice pool side pieces, right? Now onto the top three, starting with:

3. The Small Guardian

Small little blue butterflies count right? Either way, Istrandar delivers a take on a young Trico from The Last Guardian. Even in a more brighter piece like this, Istrandar’s dark gothic style shines through, namely in their take on Trico. The creature looks adorable, though, even with its black eyes. It’s a young creature, how can you not find it cute?

2. Mouse Magic I

O-Kemono breaks the blue feature in this #2 piece. I mean, there’s a blue book and some blue crystals, so I guess it counts? Regardless, this piece is another adorable one. C’mon, what’s there not to like about a small adorable mouse mage? The piece has a lot to take in and look at too, with lots of magical odds and ends. It’s also very vivid and colorful, with lots of glimmer and shine that makes for great eye candy.

But how do you outdo a magical mouse? Well, have a look at this week’s #1 pick:

1. Ura the Bard

Cindy Avelino takes the #1 spot with this beautiful, serene avian bard. Feathers are always a tricky element to pull off, and Avelino does a great job with it. The wings look good, but what I really like are the tail feathers, which have this nice, flowing, fluffy look to them. Having them curl upwards towards Ura really puts a sort of spotlight on them. And the darker blues, especially in the back, make for a calmer mood that really adds to the piece.

Congratulations and well-done Cindy Avelino! Your piece is the #1 piece for this week!

And that brings us to over the halfway point of the year. It’s come on so fast! Hopefully, we’ll still continue to see some amazing furry art.

But what did you think? Agree with the list? Disagree? Let me know in the comments down below, and I’ll see you next week!