It’s onto the next week of awesome furry artwork! We’re into the 2nd week of March – is it time for some March Madness? We’ll see with this first pick, and what a heck of a pick it is:

7. A Prince of Hell

Kicking off this week’s list is one Hell of a picture. Get it? I’ll show myself out.

Ludo gives us a rather diabolical picture of Stolas, a recurring character from Vivziepop’s Helluva Boss, a sort of side series running alongside Hazbin Hotel. I still need to watch both these shows – but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some great fan art! I really like the perspective, the colors, and the lighting. It gives our demon prince Stolas here a real sense of power, presence, and of course, hellish evil.

6. Dragon Dayz

Taking the #6 spot is this lovely dragoness by Fivel. I always enjoy seeing how she does her scaly and reptilian characters – you gotta love those hand drawn scales and an effective use of glistening shine.

This dragoness has a nice, lovely blend of red and blue, and the varying shades of blue are an interesting touch. I don’t think I’ve really seen something like that with scaly characters. In addition, the little bits of yellow scales sort of guide you around the rest of her body, which lets you really get a nice glimpse at all of the details like those differeing scale shades.

5. Fiercely Beautiful

Mylafox brings this beautiful headshot picture to the #5 spot. And what a beautiful fennec she is! I really like the theme behind the picture, and the intergalactic space goes great with the colors of the character’s fur. Everything in the picture seems to work together so well, such as the character’s design. The shining red eyes, swirling yellow markings, and golden moon charm really blends together with the cosmic theme.

4. Ferocity

Ilya Royz battles her way onto the #4 spot with this really cool action painting piece. And this fellow seems like quite the warrior, with a fierce-looking metallic hammer and his foot on one soldier and his hand around another. Plus, you’ve got a lot of sparks shooting up from the bottom, adding some extra visual flair, and some contrast to the very dark and oppressive colors.

Don’t get too lost in the gray though, we’ve got the Honorable Mentions coming up!

Some chill honorable mentions, right? Now, let’s get onto the top three, starting with this timely piece:

3. All the Time

Looks like we’re kicking off the top three with a continuation of the cosmic theme! Danielle English gives us an out-of-this-world winged red panda that combines space and time.

It’s a picture full of magic, wonder, and lots of arcane ideas. and English pulls this concept off really well, with some strong colors, and lots of nice effects. I like how the inside of the wings have swirling cosmic galaxies, which helps it keep the same theme as the background, but be different enough so it doesn’t blend too much with it.

2. Star Garden

Looks like we’re continuing the star theme! Emberwick shoots into the #2 spot with this star-themed magic user, and it looks absolutely awesome.

What’s interesting is the use of the cartoon-looking stars, which makes me think of the Kirby franchise. It looks like he’s pulling stars into his bag…so he’s like the bad guy from Puzzle Bobble 2, and I can’t believe I’m referencing that plot.

Obscure game references aside, Emberwick brings some real vibrant colors to this picture. There’s a heavy use of purple, but it never gets too overwhelming, there’s just enough of the other colors to balance it out.

And now, this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Beginnings

Coming in at #1 is this breathtaking painting by Caraid. Just take a look at it: it’s such a great, sweeping image, set to the dawn of a new day. Beginnings, indeed!

Also, take a look at the details. Caraid makes the longer fur and hair of the pegasus flow in such a natural and beautiful way. And there are so many nice colors and little details with the buildings as well, which is an excellent cherry on top.

The use of a green hoodie was an excellent pick, as it goes great with her fur but also contrasts to it and the roof. This helps her stand out (but not too much) and draw our eyes and wonder to them.

Congratulations and well done Caraid! Your picture is the top pick of the week!

And that brings us to the halfway point of March. Next week we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day coming up, so let’s see if we get any themed pictures. Or more green – and as we’ve seen with this week, green can be a really great choice!