This episode had two main storylines that wove together. First, Portia’s phone was hacked and the event brought up the discussion of privacy. Katie was first adamant about not searching for any of the leaked content but after learning it contained emails that could be about her she quickly changed her tune. She finds an email from Portia that says she thinks that Katie and Greg are sleeping together. Horrified by the assumption, both Greg and Katie go out of their way to prove to everyone in the studio that they are not having an affair. After going to great links, they find out that Portia made a typo in her email and wrote “boning” instead of “boring”. The whole situation brought to light the fact that Katie has feelings for Greg even though she won’t admit it.

The other storyline involved Carol and Chuck. Chuck asks Carol to run to his house to do something but asks her not to open the red door. Naturally, this intrigues Carol and she opens it and is stunned to find life-size wax figure of Chuck. She learns that Chuck’s wax figure was in Madam Tussads but was eventually switched out, leaving Chuck feeling irrelevant. He had dreamed of being an anchor of the nightly news when he was younger but was passed over. Shortly after finding out he did not get the position he found out they had removed his wax figure. He asks Carol not to tell anyone about the figure and to throw it away, but Carol decides she can’t do it. Side note: Carol has been extreme couponing, leading her to store all of her unneeded bulk items on the roof of the studio. She decides to store his wax figure on the roof with her stash. When his co-workers see what they think is Chuck standing on the roof of the building, they assume he is trying to commit suicide.

The crew starts talking to Chuck and telling him how much he means to them, trying to talk him out of jumping. Chuck over hears their kind words and it makes him feel relevant again. Carol admits to Chuck that she held on to his wax figure because she wants to believe that his dreams can still come true because it helps her believe in her own dreams.