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Netflix has a new show called Locke & Key. Now don’t get it twisted because you see children on the cover of this show. It has everything that you could possibly guess on a fantasy. Magic, suspense, strange characters that you can’t figure out, death, murder, sex, and curiosity. The main character is a guy named Rendell Locke, but you don’t know that from the start of the show. Right away we are introduced to a key, it looks pretty insignificant but has an intricate design. Right away you see a man plunge this key into his heart and he instantly catches on fire and dies. He does this after receiving a phone call from a woman who tells him Rendell Locke is dead. I can say that it drags you right in from the beginning. But again like I said do not mistake this for a kid’s show.

So, we meet Tyler, Bode, Kinsey and  Nina, the mom. There is a quick flashback and you see some blood while they are in the car on some sort of road trip. After a long drive and a quick stop, they arrive at this Victorian-style house. This house is the house of their father when he was young. Right away the house looks kind of creepy and as if it has a life of its own. Duncan, Rendell’s, brother meets them at the house. But you can see that he is not very comfortable in the house that he grew up in. In fact, you can feel his disdain for the house but he doesn’t give them any clues to the house. It is almost like he hates the house but we don’t know why yet.

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We finally meet Rendell Locke, who is the father. He doesn’t show up until a certain point and the reason for that is, that he is dead. He was murdered by a Sam Less. But we don’t really know who Sam is and why he killed Rendell. The way I figure we will learn who he is throughout the season. He mentions Key house and he wants information that Rendell possesses. Before he can get what he wants, Sam kills Rendell. Traumatizing the whole family. Still, no one knows why he would come to his house and kill him.

Again, the mysteriousness of this house is very apparent and it is not long before strange things begin to happen. And of course, it starts with the youngest of the family, Bode. While exploring the grounds he comes across a well-house and the well talks to him, or the thing that is down there does. Instantly, I said to myself there is no way I am going to hold a conversation with anything that has been living in a well but that is just me. Right away the thing in the well manipulates him to her will. Didn’t take long, a couple conversations and boom he will do anything she asks.

More characters begin to make their appearance in the first episode. We meet Scot, who works at the ice cream parlor and has a thing for Kinsey. Tyler who played hockey back in their hometown, Seattle, meets Javi and Brinker and they become fast friends. Unfortunately, Tyler has a lot of trauma from seeing his father being killed. He is slowing spiraling out of control. But you can see how each of the family members handle the death of their father and husband. They are each changed in different ways forever. Overwhelmed by sadness and loss which they really don’t know how to handle so they end up projecting their feelings onto other people.

Back to Bode, and he has found a key, one in the bracelet that Kinsey has been wearing and another in the garbage disposal. Echo, ask him if he found any keys and he tells her he has and she gets him to give her a special key. This key allows the holder to go anywhere in the world as long as they have seen a door to the location. The other key he finds opens up mirrors. But it seems like that is an evil key as it shows you your reflection and tricks you into a shattered mirrored prison. But the mom gets trapped and they kids have to save her and the craziest thing happens after she is pulled out, she instantly forgets what happened to her. Then Bode runs to the well house and gives the anywhere key to Echo and she instantly leaves. And where does she go? To visit Sam, the man who killed Rendell Locke, the dad. What keys will be found next and what will they do???