Pirates of Leviathan Episode 3 Ending

During the third episode of the Pirates of Leviathan’s side quest, our Buccaneer Buddies, Cheese, Bob, Myrtle, Marcid, Sunny, and Jack traversed the Sternwood, avoiding a fight with a pirate T-rex, and uncovered some of the Crescent Moon Trading Company’s dirty secrets. Upon rescuing the now soulless Tieflings, our heroes went to The Gold Gardens in search of Garthy O’Brien’s aid. After a chaotic first adventure, the crew found themselves in need of a night of merriment.

pirates of leviathan
Source: Dimension 20

Pirates of Leviathan Episode 4 Recap


This episode is all about self-care and self-realization. As a responsible youngster does, Cheese took himself upstairs and collapsed on his bed with his brother’s coat tightly around him. As he drifted asleep, he dreamt of memories of his older brother. He revisited the last moment he saw his brother before he went to the Forest of the Nightmare King. This dream gave Cheese a new sense of bravery; he now has a new life mission to save his brother.

Bob, Myrtle, and Sunny

Bob, Myrtle, and Sunny had a girls’ night full of makeovers and spirits. Myrtle and Sunny got a tour of Bob’s sweet pad, and Myrtle gave Sunny a talk about trying to convert people. Myrtle cast identify on the bell fused to Sunny’s feathered hand. It is named the Mutineers’s Bell, which calls to the biggest sinners of all, those who are turncoats. When Sunny rang the bell, a turncoat from the Nine Hells was sucked into the bell. After a good cry, Sunny and Myrtle fell asleep, allowing Bob to talk to her parents. Her father, Octavio Costello Gainglynn, and mother, Zarael, don’t get along; however, they support Bob in her future endeavors.

Jack and Marcid

Jack had a spa night courtesy of Garthy, including a warm bath and massage. After getting clean, he found his captain’s coat mended and fresh. It was then that he realized the gods weren’t against him, but rather, his bad luck was due to human interference. After taking in a night with Garthy, Jack found himself rejuvenated with a spring in his step. Meanwhile, Marcid sent word to Ayda Aguefort and Jamina Joy before jumping up on the roof. He used his primeval awareness and discovered many fiendish pings in Leviathan; however, he found the raging storm above is celestial and another celestial ping within the city.

A Heart-Breaking Ending

After a night of much-needed rest, the crew came back together to remove the bell from Sunny’s hand. They entered a safe space within The Gold Gardens, and Myrtle and Sunny went to work. After removing the bell from Sunny’s hand, a fiend jumped out of it. The fiend was none other than Alistair Ash, the warlock of Bill Seacaster. Alistair shared the devious plans of Langley Sheffield-Harrington and how he wants to destroy the town for insurance money. After gazing at Cheese, Alistair dropped the bomb that his brother is still alive and used as a conduit for magical trade. The magically inclined children of Cheese’s clan are all stuck their against their will. The crew is about to race across town to destroy one of the lamps before time runs out.