I have done my episode by episode Bridgerton Season 1 recaps and reviews, which you can read here. Now I am here to give my spoiler-free, thoughts on the set design, costumes, characters, and the overarching story and subplots. I have a feeling some of my opinions may be controversial so here is hoping I don’t cause too much of an uproar. 

First off let me start with the look of it all. The colors! Being a graphic designer by day I love love, love colors. There are so many bright colors in this series that it makes you feel cheerful. I was pleasantly surprised to be met with such vibrant colors in a period drama. Usually, most period attire is muted. And furthermore, the filming of period drama tends to be a bit gloomy. I really enjoyed the bright and cheerful atmosphere Bridgerton created. Shout out to the set designers, costumers, and filmographers. 

My next favorite thing was the cast. I have not read the books, but I do feel like if I tried to picture any of the characters with different actors it would make it feel very different. I thought that they all had amazing chemistry together. Seeing behind-the-scenes footage with them really made me realize the casting directors knew what they were doing. 

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty. I loved Simon and Daphne’s story, however, there are some things I wish could have been different. There could have been less back and forth between “we love each other” and “we hate each other.” Within the context of the plotline I understand why it happened, I just think it could have been adjusted slightly to feel less annoying, for lack of a better word. I do also recognize that both characters are just so stubborn it made it hard to make progress. Just from a purely emotional stance, I was feeling impatient for the happy ending. 

Here is where I feel I may cause a stir. 

I really did feel like there were far more interesting subplots and characters to visit. Eloise, for one, is my favorite character. She is so feisty and interesting and I think there is so much to explore with her. I look forward to seeing what is in store for her in the next season. I think she has a lot to experience and a lot of growth to do. 

Simon and Daphne were great and I do love a love story, however, I thought the side drama and the other characters were more interesting. 

For example, Anthony and his love life and the many layers of issues he seems to have could make for an interesting series in its own right. This is why I am excited for season two, which is said to be focused on his story. 

Lady Danbury is another favorite of mine. You can tell her story is fascinating without knowing much about it. Of course, her helping to bring up Simon is a big factor in my liking her. She practically raised him, yet she doesn’t take much credit for it. She is such a distinguished woman and she commands respect just by walking into the room. I could watch a whole series on just her and her backstory. Her character is so fascinating on every level. I am excited to see more of her in season two.

Then we have Penelope. Wow. Penelope. I started off thinking I wasn’t gonna like her, but then she slowly became one of my favorite parts of the show. And let’s not skip over the big reveal of the end of season one. That was unexpected for me, but so very welcomed. I loved this reveal because she seemed to be very dependent on others and very timid, and it turns out she is the exact opposite of that. She is one of the strongest characters in this show and I am excited to see what season two has in store. 

Speaking of strong women, I really think Violet Bridgerton is one of the most lovely characters. She truly cares for her family and only wants what is best for them. She may go about things wrong on some occasions, however, deep down she is a kind-hearted and pure soul.

Lady Featherington and The Queen are two characters I expected to dislike for the whole series. Learning more about them and seeing behind the facade they have built was an interesting twist to the story. I really enjoyed not being right about my feelings on these two. Appearances aren’t always truth.

I found this opinion switching to be true for a lot of the characters in the show. Ones I was sure I could stand behind at the beginning ended up being ones I was annoyed by at the end. And vice versa. This makes for a more enjoyable time watching. It isn’t always fun being sure about things.

Screen capture MELISSA ROTHMAN for thegameofnerds.com, Bridgerton, owned by NETFLIX.

Lady Whistledown is sure to have a lot more to gossip about in season two and I will be here to bring you the inside scoop. So be sure to keep a lookout for those when the season hits Netflix. 

Overall I think this is a well-rounded show. It has everything you could ask for; drama, love, sex, secrets, unrequited love, happy endings, and everything in between. I would definitely recommend this show to those of us who are over the age of 18 due to sexual content and nudity.