Episode 7

Source: Amazon Prime Video

With more people learning how mad Omni-Man really is with the brutality he showed when he murdered the original Guardians of the Globe, the Global Defense Agency is forced to accelerate their plans. Invincible might literally be the last person to know the truth about his father being an absolute maniac.

Debbie decides to have a talk with Nolan, and she doesn’t hold back. She wants to know why he murdered the Guardians of the Globe. Knowing he could rip her in half, Debbie shows her own heroics and admits that she doesn’t trust her husband, Nolan is kicked out of the house. Donald and a group of GDA operatives to take Debbie into protective custody at GDA headquarters after Nolan flies from the scene. He seems upset.

Later on, Nolan returns home to confess his actions, but with his keen sense of observation he detects the cloaked GDA operatives waiting for him inside. Omni-Man murders them all, including Donald Ferguson who, with his dying act triggers a nuclear blast that unleashed a chemically enhanced kaiju. Things are about to get real bad.


  • Mark tells Amber that he’s a superhero. She totally knew.
  • Robot is a real boy now!
  • The Immortal is back! And he’s not happy. At all.