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As usual, 9-1-1 never fails to bring us an exciting and suspenseful start off. We left off last season with Athena and Bobby getting married, Buck not sure if he would work as a firefighter again, and Bobby returning as captain. Buck finally gets the clear to come back to work but it does not last long as ends up passing out at the party Bobby and Athena gave him for being able to return. Now we know last season his leg was crushed by the fire truck after a bomb went off. However, he ends up quitting because he can’t return to active duty until the can determine where the blood clots came from.

Maddie and Chimney are finally back on track and in full force after both of them were almost killed by her pyscho husband Doug, whom she kills by the way. And amidst all this they do their jobs. They stop a speeding car and rescue a lady who was kidnapped and had her baby cut out of her. There is a kid driving the car who has lost control of a car, his father’s car, and is more scared about hurting the car than his own life. Once again the 911 team that the officers work together to stop this kid from killing himself and others. Amid other calls of the team handles one of which was an 82 year old playboy who contracted an STD, Buck is still dealing with his situation and not being able to return to active duty. So Eddie sends him a little angle, his son Chris, to cheer him up and to understand that life is what you make it. Then a lady calls in to try and get help and the lady passes out while trying to explain her emergency. Then Athena pulls over a lady that was driving recklessly and ends up catching the lady who did this to her. And sees a baby in the backseat who is in distress and calls it in. Things start to get stranger when they search Nancy’s car. They then discover that the lady who called in, Jill, could be in worse shape than they suspected and the hunt is on.

Chris and Buck spend the day together at the pier having a great time riding rides and winning prizes. Buck then sees some first responders helping a guy who collapsed on the ground and begins to feel sorry for himself. So Chris and him go to the pier to feed the fish. While Chris is feeding the fish, Buck bears his soul and he wishes that Chris will find something that he loves to do and is passionate about one day. But as he talks he realized something is wrong and he looks down at the where the water should be and sees that the water has receded. He and Chris are right at the shore of a humongous wave that is approaching Los Angeles. What will happen now?

A great opener for 9-1-1, they do not disappoint and they start the season off with one great disaster, a tidal wave. So far there is no reason for it and we will have to wait on episode 2 to find out why. It was funny and sad and just a feel good show. The cast has great chemistry and the show is really coming into its own. I feel the show is getting better with each episode that airs. So how will the 9-1-1 team fair after this next huge disaster that rocks LA?