Your comfort zone is your safe space, it is the place you are the most familiar with, a simple and happy space where you can enjoy life. Or so it might seem at first. While comfort zones, just like their name suggests, are comfortable, they are also very restricting. This means that if you wish to discover and experience new things, your comfort zone is doing nothing but preventing you from being able to do so. In this article, we will have a look at some of the most important things an anxious gamer who is afraid to leave his or her comfort zone can do to break free from their bubble and discover a brand new world outside of it.

Be Honest

The first step you have to take to get yourself out of your comfort zone is, to be honest with yourself. Leaving your comfort zone means change and changes are unfamiliar and they can be scary, but overcoming them can give you great life lessons. Is playing shooters or light sidescrollers that entertaining and rewarding or are you just afraid that you might not be as good at playing strategy or turn-based games? Find out what is stopping you from wanting to leave your comfort zone.

Take Small Steps

Getting outside of your comfort zone does not happen overnight. It can be a long and tedious process that requires lots of time to break down the walls of habit and comfort. Taking small steps can help make you feel less anxious about the process of change and help you the online gamer stay healthy along this journey.

Embrace the Change

Probably the most important thing to avoid when playing any game is being too hard on yourself. If you have never played a third-person adventure game before it is only natural that you will lose in the beginning. But fearing this should not stop you from wanting to try a new game. At the same time, losing a game you are only just learning how to play does not mean that you are not good at it, or that you are wasting your time with it. On the contrary, the steps you are taking today can pave the road for a potential new favorite online game genre. Embrace the change and do not be too hard on yourself, rather try to enjoy the learning and discovering process.

What You Can Gain

Another thing you can do to help ease the process is to look out for the things you might gain from leaving your comfort zone. Did you always want to learn more about isometric games? Focus your attention on what you can gain and how your abilities can grow and develop from doing this.

Have Fun

Leaving your comfort zone does not have to be scary, after all, you will still be doing something that you like, which is playing video games. So why not try to have some fun along this new road opening up in front of you.

Finally, comfort zones and stepping out of them can be difficult. For a little boost of confidence and some stress relief, try to shop Joy Organics CBD. It will help make this journey more enjoyable.