The gaming industry has covered such a milestone. With the emergence of virtual reality and PC gaming, users are looking for better ways to enjoy themselves today. PC gaming comes a long way from those times when digital surround sound and sound cards determined the name of the games. Today, there are is a wide variety of headsets gamers can choose even on a fixed budget.

HyperX Cloud Stinger is one such headset that gamers looking forward to experiencing the best moments of the PC games can go for in the market. Forget about its low price. This Pc headset provides more than any user can look for in a quality gaming headset. The device gives you the comfort and functionality you deserve at a relatively lower price in the market. For as little as $50.00, you can lay your hands on the quality that HyperX Cloud Stinger has to offer you.

In this review, we look closely at some of the unique features of this product. We examine its specifications, pros, cons, and some FAQ about the product. We give you all the information you need before you go ahead to purchase the product.

Product Description

HyperX Cloud Stinger is high-quality gaming headset. The stereo headset comes with a 90-degree rotating ear cups for maximum flexibility. It has a HyperX brand logo on the two side ear caps as proof of its originality. You can put it on your shoulders whenever you stop the game and feel like relaxing. 

This device comes with has a fascinating jet-black design that makes it look like a high-end piece of kit. The product comes with the smooth adjustable steel slider, which is also the HyperX unique feature. The upper part of the headset has some padding underneath for comfort. You can easily adjust the headband to your size and increase breathability.

Beneath the ear cup pads, you will find the memory foam cushions. The cup pads wrap around a 50.00 mm directional drivers for smooth audio precision. This product also offers another fantastic feature that you will not find on another headset in the market. It has a special microphone on its left ear cup that automatically mutes when moved up.

For adaptability and integration purpose, the products support both Mac and Windows operating systems. Any device that comes with a 3.5 mm port is compatible with this stereo headset. The device is compatible with games consoles and mobile devices. It has fancy extension cable for use on PCs.

A large part of this device is made of scratchy plastic and has some reasonable degree of textured finish on its entire surface to make it stronger. It may look stronger from some distance but may not sustain the force when you drop it on a hard surface. You must be careful when you handle this device because it can easily break.


Brand: HyperX

Series: Cloud Stinger

Voltage: 60 volts

Weight: 6.80 ounces

Port Connection type: 3.5mm

Rotation: 90 degrees

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Detachability: Yes

Casing: Plastic

Frame: Steel Slider

Driver: 50 mm

Audio Controls: Onboard

Key features 

Compatibility: This gaming headset is compatible with most mobile devices, old Xbox, Windows, and Mac Operating systems. It comes with 3.5 mm jack for ease of connection.

Comfort: It offers maximum comfortability. The heading comes with leather padding and is adjustable to any head size. The ear cups allow for smooth plead of pressure on ears, thus reducing the clamping effect.

Performance: The device is ideal for PC gaming. It has a frequency response range of 18-23,000 Hz. It has a memory foam ear cushions for improved performance.

Adaptability: The headset comes with a noise-cancellation microphone. The microphones mute quickly when the swiped up. Also, you can rest the headset on your back whenever you want to relax.


Offers decent feedback

Offers maximum comfortability for the ears

Highly durable


Easily detachable

High flexibility

Improved performance



The microphones and audio cables are not detachable

The connection quality is analog

Gets warmer on extended gaming sessions

The headset cord may be relatively shorter if used with no Y-adapter extension

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

  1. Can I carry the device around?

HyperX Cloud Stinger is highly portable. It weighs only 275 grams so you do not have to carry more weight when you move around with it.

  1. Can I use HyperX Cloud Stinger on my iPhone?

Yes. HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with an extension cord for mobile devices, including the iPhone. It handles frequencies better and gives you a superior sound and pitch you can enjoy.

  1. Does it support voice recording?

Yes. You can use it for voice recording at low frequencies. However, it can only give average results when used for voice recordings at a higher pitch.            

  1. How much is new HyperX Cloud Stinger?