Source: Merge Games
Source: Merge Games

Farming, fishing, and taking down evil corporations. Monster Harvest holds some of the key themes that have been popular in games over the last year, however, this one has a big difference: a battle mechanic that has you fighting with your crops!

The description of the game is very simple: “Journey to Planimal Point in the pixelated farming sim with a twist!”. This twist is the Pokemon-Esque mechanic where you fight monsters with the creatures that you can grow on your farm, known as Planimals.

Other major features include:

  • Farm with mutants! Use magical slimes to mutate the crops you grow on your farm.
  • Collectible Planimal companions! Some slimes mutate your crops into Planimals! 
  • Take your loyal companions into battle as you look to save Planimal Point from the Evil SlimeCo.  
  • Three unique seasons: Dry, Wet, and Dark – Strange weather and seasons shift what the player can grow.
  • Venture into the town of Planimal Point – Discover the people and creatures that live there, build relationships to gain discounts in stores.
  • Craft dozens of items for your farm and your house.

This newest installation from Merge Games and Maple Powered Games will be available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can check out the trailer here: