When I am looking for a game to play with my partner, I usually hunt for a rewarding loot experience. However, there is another genre we enjoy playing, which is survival games. Valheim takes over our lives for months when a new update hits. We also recently got back into playing Ark, even though we suck at it. We love the crafting elements and taking on baddies bigger than ourselves. Therefore, when we heard about Icarus back in December, our hearts skipped a beat.

Source: Icarus Website

The Story

Icarus is a person vs. environment (PvE) game allowing for up to eight online co-op players. The planet of Icarus was set to be a second Earth. However, terraforming the landscape did not take and caused the air to become toxic. Upon further inspection, scientists realized that the terraforming failed due to a rare substance on the planet known as exotics. This sparked a new interest in the planet, and corporations have enlisted the aid of prospectors, such as yourself.  

During your time on Icarus, you will face many environmental dangers. The weather can be unpredictable, predators unrelenting, and harsh landscapes will have you begging to return to orbit. However, this world has a beautiful side as well. Crystal clear lakes and inviting foliage can make a relaxing space to craft and build your base. But remember, you are on the clock and will need to complete the mission within a specific timeframe.


Icarus is currently in early access, and we played the first round of missions nonstop for weeks. After that, we stopped for a while to focus on other titles. However, our interest in Icarus was revitalized with the new DLC. The Styx DLC pack added a new map, 14 new missions, and even more predators that want to eat us. As soon as I was dropped into the new mission area, I was immediately torn apart by a big cat. I was stunned into silence while my beloved laughed harder than I had seen him in months. I got into a less comfortable position in my chair and was on guard for the rest of the mission.

Overall, we had a blast coming back to Icarus; it can be challenging and rewarding. It feels great to finish a mission before the timer ends, and finally, killing a creature that took you out multiple times is satisfying. Gameplay can get repetitive as most of the tasks are similar. However, it is always a great time when you come back after a break. In the end, I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a new survival title to add to their Steam library.