Daniel seems to be in the jail in the church talking with someone. He answers a question he was asked about how he was felt at the beginning of the day, and he says he felt hopeful, he had to go back and tell the story from the start. He looks to be in charge of a locked up area, and the camp cook, he looks around happy at the camp and mentions that it was good he kept quiet what he and Morgan were up to because everyone wouldn’t be there without it.

Sherry, Strand, and Sarah’s group all arrive at Morgan’s compound to talk about things. The “The End is the Beginning” group keeps tagging up all sorts of places and is getting very close to everyone’s home base if not already tagging it up now. All the visitors inside have to give up their weapons, only Daniel and Morgan have keys to the lockup, Strand is playing hard ball giving up his weapons of course, but as a peace offering he gives Daniel his cat, Skidmark, back. Grace is having some discomfort with the surgery and Morgan volunteers to go get some supplies she needs. Daniel is to run the meeting, but everyone is blaming everyone and nothing is getting accomplished. Luciana mentions that Tank Town was infiltrated from the inside and she never saw it coming when some dynamite explodes and ends that meeting real quick. The explosion, naturally draws a lot of walkers to the dam, Sherry and Strand want guns back to fight off the walkers, while Daniel says the wall will hold and they should wait for Morgan to return with the military vehicle and kill the walkers. Daniel went back to the gun lockup to be prepared in case the walkers breached the gates, but all the weapons were missing from the lockup!

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Daniel gets Grace ready to leave the place so she can be safe. Shortly after that Daniel decides he wants to send Charlie away too, so he sends her out to be with Grace. Walkers have made their way into the compound, but nobody is armed with any weapons! The squad uses chairs, saw, and a paint can to kill some walkers until Strand shoots some walkers with a gun. Daniel says now he knows who stole the weapons, and tells everyone he let the walkers in so he can find out who did it. Strand continues to insist he didn’t steal the weapons, Morgan returns to kill all the walkers outside before Strand gets shot by Daniel.

After getting caught up on what happened Morgan went out to the shack to get Grace and Charlie but they were not there and Morgan says it looks like nobody has been there in months. Daniel meets up with Morgan and after a few attempts they get Grace on the walkie. When they all meet up Daniel asks why they weren’t at the shack, Grace says that you told us to avoid the shack, she says asks Charlie she was there, and Charlie says you told them both to go to the caverns. Daniel says that doesn’t make sense they haven’t cleared that yet, Charlie takes out the map and shows that it was circled on the map, everyone looks extremely perplexed. Luciana has found the weapons and tells Morgan he would want to see it in person. Turns out all the weapons were in Daniel’s personal shed, Daniel thinks someone is setting him up and maybe Luciana planted them all there, but she says she had to break the lock and Dwight vouches for her.

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan tries to see if Daniel is feeling alright or not and finally Daniel admits he doesn’t know, everything is so confusing. He said he sent Grace and Charlie to a dangerous place, and he moved the weapons and doesn’t remember doing it. It’s finally revealed that he is talking things over with June. June has been running some tests with Daniel and she is able to decipher that he doesn’t have any physical reasons for why it’s happening, that it’s all psychological, which is good because it means it can be treated. June tells Daniel this is a bit far from her expertise and she wants to do some reading up on it and get back to him, which he is OK with. Morgan asks if she thinks he is faking it and she says no.

Strand, Sherry and their respective groups decide to head back to their respective homes. Before everyone leaves Dakota says she thinks she has some information, she has been rethinking all the things that Virginia was saying about the other group. She said the last time she talked about them she said that they went underground. Dakota thought perhaps that means they just were laying low but what if she meant that they were actually underground? The last place they looked was 2 days south of Tank Town which is around Dallas. Dwight says that him and Al saw those writings in a building in Dallas. Luciana and Wes volunteer to go meet up with Alicia and Al, who are on a supply run about a days travel away and they can all head down to Dallas to look for the group.

Daniel wants to leave, Charlie and Morgan want to know why. Daniel says things are all jumbled, and the last time he was thinking like this he lit an entire place on fire, which is flashing back to an earlier season. He says he can’t do that here so he needs to go back to the warehouse or somewhere else. Strand offers up Lawton as a place he can come and live, they can keep him safe, and Strand says he is not doing it for him he is doing it for Ofelia, as a way to make sure that Daniel can live an honest life.