Do you hear that? It’s the jinge-jangle of the holidays! That’s right, we’ve finally hit the week of furry art taking place on the week of Christmas! Hopefully all of you fellow nerds had an excellent Christmas full of cheer, merriment, and good food and fun with family and friends.

But the holidays don’t stop the furry art from being posted! Even on Christmas Day I was able to find some good picks that were uploaded by artists ready to spread some Christmas fun. So, let’s see what was cooking for this Christmas Week of furry art, starting with…

7. All In

A Hazbin Hotel piece! Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like Husk with a bottle of literal Cheap Booze throwing down what’s sure to be a winning hand. I guess you could say it’s one hell of a picture to have during the holidays?

What I like about this pic is that it has a lot of style. For example, we’ve got a nice slanted angle that fits Husk’s crooked, self assured grin perfectly. It’s also interesting that the cards are black and silhouetted, as hearts are commonly done as a red suit of cards, not a black suit of cards like clubs and spades. And of course Alestor would be the King in the suit.

6. Space Guitar

Coming in at #6 is this far-out space pic by Psy Doktor. Campfire songs are always great, so I can imagine that space campfire songs are spectacular. It’s fun to take a look at the overall piece and see the different planets that are sprinkled here and there including a…tennis ball planet. Eh, it happens I suppose.

It’s a great, warm piece. Plus the main character is also a moth, and we could always do with more awesome moth characters.

5. Special Winter Edition

Lushminda brings us a more decidedly Winter-themed commission picture of a fabulous female cervine. There’s something about this that I really enjoy – perhaps it’s the old 1930’s aesthetic they’re going for, or the pose and the way things are framed. And don’t skip out on those huge antlers, either, that add more of an impressive power and upper air to the piece.

In addition, it’s also another notch in Lushminda’s varied belt. I’ve seen her do pictures that take on various styles before, and now we can add “1930’s picture” to that list. She nails it on the head with the style of dress, the filter used, and the background desgin.

4. Let Me Tell You A Story

Billie Bust Up is a game that I’ve been following the development of for some time now. It’s been in development for a few years, and every now and then I see fan art retweeted by the game’s account. And sometimes, you get fan art like this that grabs your attention and really opens the imagination. Perhaps I’m biased because I’m a writer, but I feel like there’s something special about magical books. Well, there’s also the magical swrils and balls of light around the picture, and setting the piece out in a winter wonderland adds to that sense of mystery and magic, too.

The picture mainly features villains from the game, if memory serves me right, though we do have the titular Billie to the left there. It’s a magical piece that I feel, somehow, just fits the holiday mood.

Don’t get too swept away by Christmas magic, though. We’ve still got the honorable mentions to check out!

Ice think those were some pretty cool honorable mentions? Okay, I’ll stop. With the puns I mean – we’re still moving on to the top three, starting with…

3. Wrong Street

Artistic duo Lingrimm kick off the top three with this sharp, dangerous-looking fellow. Better watch where you go in the big city, lest you find yourself at the end of a knife! And the duo brings this to life in their typical style full of dark colors and nice, heavy shadows.

In addition, check out that background! I love the curvy, warped perspective of things and….is that the eye from The Crown of Leaves I spy? A nice little easter egg for us long time fans! The blur of the background and the warped perspective really lean into this “wrong place at the wrong time” feeling of this piece as well.

2. Time to Wake Up

Alright, who got their Halloween all over my Christmas? Ultiochka comes at us with this adorable spooky puppy to take over the #2 spot. I mean, look at that pupper. How can something that adorable not take the spot? However, there’s a lot of bright color in this piece, and not what I think of when I think of spooky.

The looking-up perspective also gives this perched puppy a bit of dynamic presence, and a nice use of shadows really makes their pink eyes shine. There’s also lots of fun little spooky details in their fur – I’ve spotted a couple skulls myself. Finally, that pink sun (moon?) deals out some heavy pink lighting all over the piece, giving this pupper a real sense of supernatural fun.

Did we manage to spill over into The Nightmare Before Christmas on this week’s list? First we’ve got a knife-toting villain and now a spooky pup in the top three. And don’t forget about Husk in the #7 spot!

But, I think the top pick might bring the Christmas back. Let’s see:

1. 00:00

Taking the #1 spot is this beautiful piece by Kyander, set in Russia in front of none other than the Kremlin, one of Moscow’s most well-known landmarks. It feels like such a quiet piece, with the character standing center frame, a sparkler in their hand as they look off in the distance, a mask strapped to their face. Something that was most likely, in one way or another, part of most of our realities this Christmas season. They’re centerstage and large, but then you have the Kremlin in all of its archeological glory standing tall behind them, as blurred as it is.

Despite what looks like a cold, snowy winter night, the sparkler stays lit, providing some glow and warmth on the subject. Honestly, I could probably write more than I should on the symbolism you could take away from this. There’s a lot going on, almost like a Hemingway excerpt. He says so little but at the same time, says a lot.

What I will say now is that your piece is the #1 piece for this week Kyander! Congrats and well done!

And that almost brings the festivities to a close. Don’t forget – we still have Christmas’ classic companion: New Year’s Eve! So hopefully you’re not tired of festive times just yet as we’ve still got to see what sort of cool furry art welcomes in the New Year!