It’s mid-September already? Time is surely flying this month – and spooky time October will be upon us soon! Speaking of which, if you’ve got any spooky art to share, let me know! I’m looking for some picks!

But we’ve got some frighteningly good pieces for you this week, so I suppose that could work? Well, there is the #3 pic, so that works too.

Let’s get started with the number seven pick:

7. The Rat Warrior

Getting this week’s art jump started is this pretty cool action piece by Lennoxicon. There’s so many cool things about this piece, and as you know I love me some good action shots. The clothing has a great design (did you catch how the leg plates were segmented for the feet?), and I feel the look on the character’s face just sells it. It’s the right amount of self confidence that blends well with a neat pose.

6. Zootopia, Amirite?

It has been a while since we’ve seen Zootopia fan art on this series, hasn’t it? Loafy gives us a well-done piece that almost looks like it could very well be a piece of concept art for the movie proper. The detail on them is phenomenal as well, letting me see almost every strand of hair on these two.

What also makes this great is that it captures the feel of the duo perfectly. Judy’s got her “serious business” look, complete with taking notes, and Nick’s got that smug, assured look on his face. Who knows, maybe he verbally trapped whoever it was Judy was talking to?

5. The Star Catcher

More dragons from Sixth Leaf Clover! I believe they’ve wrapped up their Zodiac Dragons concept series, but they certainly aren’t slowing down with the majestic draconic artwork!

And what a piece it is! We’ve got sweeping cosmic dust streams, a magical looking staff, and of course, the ever classic black with a gold trim look. Set that against a cloudy sky slowly turning into a starry night sky, and you’ve got quite the astral piece at work.

The blue and gold lighting on the piece adds a nice touch to everything as well.

4. Blue Fire Glow

Something a little less intense and more relaxed takes the number four spot for this week. Zilya brings this femme fennec (with a rather long looking tail – I think she’s a fennec?) with some blue flames lingering about here and there.

The blue flames and the lighting are great, and help add to the cool, somewhat more relaxed tone – the blue dress certainly helps in that regard. I also really love how Zilya did her hair, and the small accessories like the earrings, the bell at the base of the ear, and rings add more character to her.

Let’s cool it down a little further and check out some great honorable mentions for the week.

Some great honorable mention artwork! Now, let’s check out the top three. Also speaking of bats…

3. Bat Mistress Ixefina

Kyander is back to kick off the top three and you know what that means – more excellent artwork by them! This time we’re treated to an absolute femme fatale-looking bat mistress, complete with a throne, heavy shading, and what may or may not be wine – you can never tell with nocturnal creatures. Just in time for the spooky season!

Plus, she’s a bat. And we can always use more kick-ass bat characters. I feel like Kyander really captured the bat look too, what with the ears, fangs, and nose. But then you’ve also go the way the feet are done, which look like they can grab onto any passerby that’s unfortunate enough to be under her. Don’t mess with this gal!

2. Taurens

Continuing the theme of “really kick-ass looking character” this this Tauren done by Neungsonie. Yet another anthro-type race hailing from World of Warcraft! I really should look more into it to see what other furred fellows I may be missing out on.

Neung’s work on this piece is hands down simply awesome. The Tauren is rather powerful looking, with a wide chest and large muscles, rocking a bow-and-arrow. Which realistically, bowmen would look pretty buff – it’s not easy taking a bow, pulling that tense drawstring back, and holding it for the right shot. Add an eagle companion, and a one-eyed wolf companion as well, and you’ve got a combo kickass but also majestic looking Taurne.

And coming in at #1 is:

1. Guild Champion

We’ve had two kick-ass top three spots. So how do you take it even further than that? Simple – you go from kick-ass to bad-ass. And that’s certainly what this piece by Nat Vitchayed is! We’ve also got another MMO fanart piece on our hands, as this is from Guild Wars 2.

But this guy really sells that awesome warrior mage look. Hot balls of fire with lighting effects and shading to make them look hot? Check. Strong, powerful physique? Check. Determined, focused gaze? Check. Arm wraps enscribed with glowing magical runes? Definite check. Not to mention he’s doing this on a frigid mountain top, which adds elemental contrast to it all as well. Put it all together and you get this week’s top pic! Congratulations and well done Nat!

And with that we’ve burned up yet another week of awesome furry art. Kinda hoping we see some more spooky pieces make the top seven (hopefully top three!). I’ve seen a couple good ones, but perhaps the closer we get to October the more we’ll be seeing pumpkins and witches.

I hope so – especially since I might not be able to see ’em in person this year!

What are your thoughts for this week’s picks? Do you agree with the list, or would you have ordered it differently? I’d love to hear your thoughts!