On this episode of The Game of Nerds podcast, I sat down to chat with our chief editor Andie Boyungs to talk about the Anita Blake book series. You may have remembered her from her podcast episode last year on the Harry Dresden book series. Andie has been covering Anita Blake for just as long as she’s been covering Harry Dresden. While we do chat with each other often each week, usually at least once a day, it is rare for us to stay on one topic. Before we dive in, we catch up on all the things we’ve been recently watching. Andie has been finishing up season three of American Gods and started the Fox series, Sleepy Hollow. I was recently have been blessed with three new Bluey episodes. Andy and I also recently binged 4 seasons of Kim’s Convenience on Netflix, which was Schitt’s Creeks level entertaining. But alas, today was the day I learned a lot about Anita Blake and were-animals. Don’t worry, we will explain more later.

Anita Blake is one badass bitch. The book series penned by Laurell K Hamilton has spanned 30 books now over nearly 30 years. So much has changed since the first book, but one thing has remained the same, how powerful and fierce Anita Blake is. Marvel even has a graphic novel on Anita Blake. Laurell K Hamilton also has many stand-alone books, but she is best known for her Anita Blake and Merry Gentry book series. Merry Gentry is a book series that started in 2000 that spans 9 books about the first and only all-American fairy princess.

Anita Blake is not set up in any regular world. Her world is filled with Were-animals, zombies, ghouls, trolls, vampires, and so much more. All the people in her world are aware of these creatures, and if they do wrong, they are immediately executed. Andie goes into much detail trying to explain to me were-animals and how they aren’t just specific to Anita Blake’s book series. The magick that she personally practices even has some versions of were-animals. As always, I appreciate it when Andie teaches me something new. Over the years, Anita, her sexuality, and the storyline have grown. As the series progresses, we see the series get more erotic and violent. Most of this is because Anita becomes a human servant to a succubus, which feeds off sexual energy.

Of course, I had to ask how she got into this series. Harry Dresden, Anita Blake, and Merry Gentry were all recommended by the same friend. She was introduced to them in the 2000s and has read them all. They are all unique and progressed Anita’s story well. If you want to enjoy the series to its fullest, Andie highly recommends starting from the beginning. They aren’t that huge of books, so it shouldn’t take you that much time to get through them.

We then go on to talk about the main characters of the series and back again on were-animals. The characters, though, stay pretty consistent throughout the series. There are very few characters that just randomly pop in. A great example is the #BrotherHusband situation Anita’s got going on between John Claude, Nathanial, and Mikah. She’s planning on marrying all three of them, which gets us onto a discussion of religion and mythology. Andie is quite versed in all things mythical and witchy. It’s something I’m quite interested in and in awe of. Andie is amazed that a pagan writer wrote a series about a devoted catholic character who is surrounded by all these mythical creatures. She credits this being the reason why Anita has such a strong inner personal struggle through the series. She can’t make sense of her life, purpose, and destiny.

Frankly, Andie’s got me wanting to read this series ASAP! Unfortunately, my time is limited, which brings up a quick discussion of our dislike of electronic books or audiobooks. There is just something about holding a book in your hand. We wrap up the conversation with whether or not Anita is really human? It’s really up to debate with fans. She’s technically a pan-were, necromancer, human servant, among other things. She’s still got superpowers like super strength and fast healing. Her scars are significant to her. Ultimately, Anita knows her job requires killing. She has to be ruthless without turning into a complete monster and going too far. It’s this character development that has made this series amazing.

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