Hey you all, welcome back! Last week, we were off, and it was a bit lonely not watching Ghosted, though it did give me a break away from the series to kinda reset. Especially since I was not a big fan of the last episode they aired. This episode I was hoping would bring back some hope for the series. I’m happy to say, it did!

Barry’s character has shifted again, this time acting like the guy we saw in episode 2 and 3, a bit quirky, but most likely just lonely. The episode starts out a bit erratic, the boys need to find out why a guy mysteriously turned into a pile of dust. Like previous episodes, I thought it was a bit forced, the previous storylines ignored. But then, Max has to caddy for Leroy, and while trying to impress the other golfers, Leroy makes a comment about how his caddy still wears a wedding band even though his wife has left him twice.

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Oh SNAP! Yes, in episode 4, Leroy is talking with Annie and mentions how Max’s wife left him, but this is the first time it is mentioned in front of Max, and we actually see how his wife’s departure affects our ex-professor. His downtrodden face broke my heart, but it brought a new element to the show we haven’t really seen, and the rest of the episode ran smoothly. For the first time, I didn’t feel like the characters were being forced in a scene, or anything was rushed. We get a chance to see how hurt Max is throughout the episode, even going so far as to remove his ring for the first time.

It’s the little things like that I feel the series has been missing, and then, once they realize the bad guy is actually over 150 years old, and ends up pinning Max with a club, strangling him, we see a character in serious danger for the first time. Yes, last episode we had a monster killing everyone, but the whole episode just seemed so bizarre, I didn’t feel like the boys were in danger at all. This time, I sat up straighter, wondering if Max was gonna be in a coma next episode and Leroy would have the guilt of one of his last words to his partner making fun of his fleeing wife.

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This was a huge episode in the series, I believe. Many of the characters felt fully fleshed out, and we got a bit more background on Annie, who is becoming one of my favorite characters, right below Max. Barry could use a little bit more development, but the writers have made a strong platform, and the actors seem to understand their characters a bit better, I am super excited to see what the next episode has in store for us. The last time I was this excited, I believe was episode 3, the ending, when we met Max’s wife. It was also the last episode we saw a real emotional scene. I still play ‘Walking in Memphis’ randomly, since that episode. Here is to hoping next episode will top this one, until next week, stay shiny my friends!