The recent episodes of CBS’ Scorpion have been largely reliant on the plot between Walter and Paige, and somewhat on Sylvester’s bizarre political campaign. In the past 2 episodes, Paige’s mom faked her own death to avoid bringing major trouble to Scorpion and Walter & Paige got stuck on a buoy in the middle of the ocean together. On the note of Paige’s mom, the Scorpion writers did with her what they’ve done with all their Named Secondary Characters (Megan, Drew, Tim, Ray, etc.) — built a vague emotional plotline around them and then dropped them when they felt the character could do nothing else. The case of Paige’s mom is particularly upsetting because the writers cut her from the show without the emotional turmoil of actually killing her while simultaneously offing her during the peak of her run. She was easily the most interesting character of season 3.

Back to Walter & Paige — their relationship (or lack thereof) seems to be the driving point of season 3, at least in theory. However, the moments have been so sparing and clunky that the audience has a difficult time figuring out whether or not progress is actually being made between them. I actually forgot that they’ve already kissed. Seriously, does anyone else remember that? They actually, really kissed. Not a dream sequence. And yet they’ve since acted like it never happened and meant nothing, though we know that both Paige and Walter felt something from it. These two constantly take 1 step forward and 2 steps, and we must ask… to what end?

At the end of last Monday’s episode, Paige says something along the lines of “We’re great friends, special friends, who would do anything for each other, including risking our lives.” This line is supposed to indicate that though they obviously care for each other, there is no romantic connection between them. Not only is this unconvincing, but it begs the question, what has to happen in order for these two to get together? Paige’s mom seemed convinced (for some unknown reason) that Walter and Paige were meant to be together, but her departure left Walter with no one to turn to in regards to Paige. Meanwhile, Paige has stated time and time again that Walter just isn’t emotionally ready for a relationship, and this is why she hasn’t initiated anything with him.

Hmm, that’s interesting Paige, because it’s your job to help Walter emotionally develop! Speaking of — why are we on season 3 of this show and Walter has shown virtually no emotional progress? Are the writers afraid that once Walter has achieved some sort of emotional quotient level that there will be no more story to tell? The end? All the reasons Walter and Paige have not entered a romantic relationship seem arbitrary to say the least, and with each episode (or episode arc) resulting in Walter learning something about how to be human, it just seems ridiculous that they’re still stuck in limbo.

I guess all of this is to say that I don’t know where the show is going. Eventually Walter and Paige will end up together, but in the meantime they’re using the will they/won’t they plot to create some central tension. However, rather then a steadily building up to a dramatic moment of romantic realization, the show jumps in spurts of build ups that either lead nowhere or falter in the next episode. So what’s the goal here? What exactly must Walter accomplish in order for Paige to accept her feelings for him?

CBS has promised a big step for Walter & Paige in season 3, but as they’ve already kissed AND Walter admitted his love for Paige, what do they have in mind? Will these two ever actually get together? Only time will tell.