Welcome back to another list of awesome furry art. We’ve got a bit of a spectrum here this week, with a nice mixup of cartoon-style, dynamic, realistic, and more.

So let’s get started with this week’s #7 pick:

7. The Bread Thief

Starting off this week’s list is a piece that’s two parts sneaky, two parts delicious, and all parts cute. We’ve got Teranen’s aquatic character Nami having a bit of an early nibble while in a bakery. And what a bakery it is – there are lots of neat little details and designs for the bread that make it look absolutely scrumptious. In addition, Nami’s bred nibbling is so mischievous and cute way making it hard to not be charmed by her antics.

6. Beach Moon

Saint Cocoa laid out this nice little pic this past week of this red panda bathing out in the moonlight. The cool colors of this piece work great and help give the impression that the bright moon is bathing everything in its cool, dark glow. The composition of the piece is another solid point, with the red panda laid out in a way that lets you get a decent view of his whole body, as well as drawing your attention to other parts of the piece, like the bright moon or the few other beachgoers in the background.

There is also a daytime version, but I preferred the cool moon nighttime version myself. What about you?

5. Mediation

Istrandar knocks it out yet again with another awesome owl piece – though this time, it’s a commission. Just as before, there’s a tremendous amount of detail that’s put into the feathers of the owl, and even the feather they’re wearing around their neck. Those golden-yellow eyes are also really great and seem to just draw you in. Another notable aspect is the candles, and how their flames draw up and transform into the mystic purple essence that’s swirling around the owl. Definitely gives a sense of ancient, magical arts.

4. The Countess

Who said rodents couldn’t be hands down badass? Dan Syron fired off this downright awesome and dark picture of this daring mouse lass adventuring into what looks like the abyss. I absolutely dig the gothic, almost Lovecraftian look of the general piece, and the female mouse looks like she’s ready to take on whatever horrors there are.

The composition in this piece is really strong too. For example, the mouse is set in the middle of the piece with everything sort of coming around her. The monster’s huge claws are a great example of this, but you also have that dreadful skull face peering right at her. Nightmare horrors indeed!

Don’t get too lost in the dark – we have to check out the honorable mentions:

Some shocking pieces, right? Now, let’s get onto the top three, starting with:

3. The Storyteller

It’s always great to enhance stories with magical illusions, isn’t it? Yacricial wowed me this week with this small squirrel wizard casting a mighty illusion spell. I love the expression on the squirrel’s face, and the unicorn he’s having spring fourth looks just as awesome as well. There are also some other cool effects too, such as the magic sparks and the faint fairy wings on his back, all bathed in a bright, magical glow.

It really does invoke the imagination – how awesome would campfire stories be if you could create brilliant magical illusions to illustrate exciting adventures?

2. Airon the Guardian

Better lookout countess mouse, I think there’s competition for you for the “most badass piece this week” position! Cindy Avelino swung into this week with this downright dynamic, swashbuckling owl that’s appearing in an upcoming project of hers.

While there are plenty of nice background elements worthy of praise, what really seals the deal for me is the camera angle and the pose. Airon’s swashbuckling pose is a classic “ready for action!” stance enhanced by the crooked angle and the slight 3/4ths positioning and creates this intense, in-your-face feeling.

And I haven’t even mentioned his design! To make it brief, all I have to say is I’m loving that costume design, and I’m curious to see what other characters lurk in Cindy’s project.

Unfortunately, there can be only one top pick, and while Cindy’s daring owl is fantastic, I’d have to give the top spot this week to:

1. Direct Rivals

Jerome Jacinto knocks it out one more time with this amazing piece of Rivals of Aether fan art. And what a piece of fan art it is! There are so many different characters all doing different poses. They’ve also been arranged very well, with each character getting their own chance to shine in their own way. Not to mention a huge amount of detail – which is not always easy to do with paintings – such as the Magic the Gathering-looking cards Ranno is holding, Zetterburn’s shield, and Wrastor’s shirt. Each character absolutely shines with personality as well, making this a great picture to slowly scan through and just take in every single little detail.

Does it honestly look like something that could pass for a movie poster, or album cover, or perhaps game box? It’d make for an awesome first impression, that’s for sure!

Congratulations and well done Jerome Jacinto, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings us down to the halfway point of this month. And wow, I told you there were some good picks for this week!

Did you agree with the list? Disagree? Is there a piece I missed that you feel should’ve made the list? Let me know down below – I’d love to potentially discover even more awesome furry artists!