Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

We’ve got some neat painting-style pieces and some pretty stylish pieces as well! Let’s jump right in by checking out the first pick on this list:

7. Falling Leaves

Vomiit hit us with this spectral-looking cat-like creature which kicks off this week’s list of art. Lots of nice, flowing bits in this piece, from the falling bits of leaves to swaying hair and tail fur. The almost purely white eyes, the leaves in the background, the strange creature design, and theheavy purples really give this an odd, ghostly feeling to it.

6. Pickit Tarot Card

Coming in at number six is this stylish tarot card-inspired piece by Drathe. This is a general, all-around cool piece with a really unique style to it. And of course, I’ always up for more tarot card art.

Can you tell what tarot card this piece might be based off of?

5. Fearsome King

Taran Fiddler keeps up the cool, dynamic look with this fearsome take on Bowser from the Super Mario series. There’s such a great level of detail too, with a nice definition to his muscles and a shine to both shell and spike. A fitting piece for the king of koopas to celebrate the week’s awesome Bowser Day!

The pose and framing is really cool too. Reminds me of kaiju films such as Godzilla. All hail the king!

4. La Revacholière

Here comes another awesome piece accented by a nice use of striking reds And litereally striking too – looks like some explosions are happening in the background. The mixing of the cool blues with the hot reds and oranges also adds some nice contrast too. And this is without addressing the stag in the center that has some really awesome, bright white antlers.

Don’t get too hot though, we’ve got the honorable mentions to go over:

Wizards and druids. Art by O-kemono
A nice, stained glass-style dragon. Art by Yanosha

Some warm, cool pieces, right? Now onto the top three, starting with:

3. In the Dark

Kicking off the top three is this pretty awesome painting of what I believe to be a wolf. It’s a little minmalist, but artist Armstrongtugou overcomes the negative space by adding a subtle smoke and fog effects. In addition, zoom in and check out those little objects around the wolf: those all appear to be some kind of alchemical symbols. Couple that with a wicked magic staff and a bright red star, and you’ve got a piece that has a little and a lot to ponder on.

2. Nightclub Fight

Jadan brings us back to dynamic city with this horse that’s engaged in some sort of gunfight with an off-frame assailant. There’s so much about this that is pretty awesome, mainly the neon-noir reds, blues, and purples that give this a sort of Hotline Miami feel. Couple that with some extremely well-done elements such as the horse’s face and hair, and their suit, and you’ve got a powershot of a piece.

And this week’s #1 piece is:

1. B&W

I find it interesting that there were so many pieces this week that incorporated lots of striking colors…and the #1 piece is one that is completely sans any color. But that doesn’t make the piece any less awesome – just look at the skilled apinting that Lepricon did. I literally thought this might have been some sort of modified photo, but nope. This is pure, 100% digital painting work.

Honestly, someone hire this guy to paint novel covers. Or maybe even movie posters for a nice drama or indie film – this stuff’s too good to not be recognized in some way.

Congratulations and very well done, Lepricon, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

Looks like August is off to quite the start! A nice, strong piece taking the #1 spot backed up by a slew of just-as-awesome pieces.

But hwat did you think? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!