It’s almost the end of November! Hard to believe we’re almost near the end of the year as well! Hopefully everyone’s staying safe throughout the pre-holiday madness.

We have some great picks lined up lined up for you this week! A few tough decisions to make regarding which pieces made it on and even the order as well, so let’s not waste any time and get right into the list, starting with:

7. Lady Last Night

Up first on this week’s list is this picture by Fiona Hsieh. I really dig how the style on it – honestly it looks like something that you’d see on a postcard in Japan. The use of reds and different hues of gold are very prominent throughout and add some nice colors to the picture. If you take a close look you can also see some great texturing that adds to that postcard aesthetic. And speaking of postcards, there might be prints of this going on sale soon, so make sure to grab one of it does!

6. Sorcerer’s Study

Up next we’ve got this mystic piece by Lucieniibi. Nothing like a night where you get to record all of your arcane secrets! Lucienbiibi gives us quite a show with lots of varied colors, a whole lot of small little details to look at, and another bat fursona to check out! In addition, the way they rendered the book they’re writing is excellent, and it really sells that ye olde sorcerer’s book look. I also wonder what they could be doing with those other colored inks? Some specific colors for specific incantations? Hmmmm…

5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Foxes get typecast as the mischievous troublemaker, and this piece by Yacricalsells that. I mean c’mon – look at the fox’s face, he knows darn well what he’s doing! I think that’s what mainly gets me with this picture, the fox’s expression. It’s so simple, but yet so well done. And then you have him sweeping the dirt away into what looks like some kinda magic rug out into space. Hey fox! Better hope that isn’t someone’s house or you’re gonna be real sorry!

4. Something Curious

I used to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle a lot on my Gamecube growing up, so admittedly that’s what initially got me to stop and check out this piece. What got me to stay is the way that artist Elly rendered this moment so well, with a real sense of Shadow’s isolation with both the classic “hands on both sides of the glass” and how dark everything is around him. His tube is really the only thing fully lit up in the room. Then you have the somewhat-lit red tubes and wires going everywhere like blood vessels, and the space-scape outside the window is simply breathtaking. A very good job on this one!

But we’ll have to isolate ourselves right now to take a quick look at this week’s honorable mentions:

These honorable mentions are anyting but a hack job! Some pretty good ones here – and some real close calls as well! Now, let’s check out the top three, starting with:

3. Warm and Chill

Art by Alector Flector

It has certainly been a while since Alector Flector’s been on this list! But it’s for a good reason – they’ve been hard at work on their Myre 2 story, which by the by sounds like it’s gonna be awesome. So if you’re looking for a cool anthro fantasy story check that out! Meanwhile, we’ve got this awesome picture of a vixen here enjoying a drink of some kind, care to guess what? And we’ve also got a pretty cool-looking creature in the background as well. Lots of nice colors ,and beautiful details, like the vixen’s hair. It’s great to finally see some more art by Flector back on this series, that’s for sure!

2. Forest Flower

Coming in at #2 is this beautiful forest picture by Eruca. I always love nature settings, and the way the artist drew this forest in particular is nice. You’ve got the eponymous forest flower right above the kitsune, lots of sunlight patches coming in, small patches of what I’m assuming is moss or some kind of fungi, and a nice mini creek as a good finishing touch. Or maybe it’s a regular sized greek and this is a giant kitsune? Speaking of which, I love the outfit she’s wearing – the dark and light purples play really well, and coupling that with the kitsune’s golden yellow fur makes for an attractive centerpiece to a great picture.

And now, the #1 piece for this week is:

1. Forgebold

Coming in at #1 is this epic action piece by newcomer Zephra. There’s just so much about this that is awesome and, as one comment on the source put it, that makes it look lke something epic is about to go down. You have what looks like a sunrise, ice in the foreground and background rising, the character themself rising up, and still more ice being summoned. A stern, determined look is on their face, and the glow of ice on their open palms just adds more to the piece. And get a load of that layering – a lot of the larger pieces of ice are arranged in different parts of the foreground and background that give the ice an all-around presence that’s greatly aided by the semi-transparent nature of it. It’s cool, it’s cold, it’s the #1 pick for this week! Congrats and well done Zephra!

Next week is Thanksgiving, and to my surprise I haven’t seen any thankful feasting pictures yet. A lot can change, however. Also thankfully, this holiday falls on its correct week, unlike that mischievous Halloween. Let’s see if we can get any holiday-themed art up for next week!