Welcome back Fear the Walking Dead! What an episode it was! John Dorie is back at his cabin, watching some TV, loading up his gun, while drinking some alcohol, when a walker comes in his view from his table and he kills it with a long-distance shot. John organizes some scrabble pieces on his table that spells out, ‘Goodbye June’, he puts the gun to his chin when another walker shows in his view and he shoots it, takes another drink of alcohol, puts the gun back to his chin again and another walker comes into his viewpoint so he shoots that as well.

John hops in his boat to go up river to check out the bridge, on the bridge he sees a bunch of walkers stopped behind a barricade. He heads to the store and sees around four walkers outside and he shoots them all and heads inside. He calls out to see if anyone is in trouble, he says he doesn’t want to hurt any trouble, but if they do he has something for them. Inside the store is Dakota, and John asks what she is doing, which she replies she is running away from her sister, and John says he is doing the same. John asks her if she corralled all the walkers on the bridge, she says no he did, and shows Morgan who is injured, his wound opened up and she tried to patch it up the best she could.

Virginia has sent out all her Rangers to try to find Dakota, the herd caused Dakota and Morgan to get separated from Alicia and Charlie. A ranger comes into the store and looks around, he sees John Dorie’s name written on a clipboard and tries to call out the other rangers, he can’t get a signal so he is going to go out to higher ground to get his word across, John has a chance to kill him but doesn’t take the shot, after the ranger leaves John takes Morgan and Dakota to his cabin. Morgan wants John to join him in the place he is building but Virginia interrupts by talking on the walkie, they ignore it until Grace gets on and then Morgan rushes over to answer.

Morgan gets the truck working, he tells John that he used to be where he is now. He shows him the note that was left for him at the gulch saying, “You don’t know me, but I heard your message. You need to do the same. you still have things left to do.” The plan is for Dakota and Morgan to get through the walkers on the bridge on the way to Morgan’s settlement. Morgan and John put some doors on the truck as like a shield, they let Dakota drive while John and Morgan got in the back to kill the walkers. Morgan is still recovering from his injuries and is slowing down at the back of the truck. The truck is stuck into some walkers, John tells Dakota it in first gear and she will clear the walkers. The engine sputters, and Morgan says it’s the alternator, John climbs to the front of the truck to clear it. A walker is closing in on John until Dakota shoots it from inside the cab. John gets the vehicle running again but their is to many walkers around the truck so Dakota crashes the truck into the side of the bridge barricade to knock walkers off.

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan calls out to Virginia and tells her to meet him at John’s cabin, giving her directions on where it is, and in turn burning John’s chance to go back to his cabin. Morgan tells John he is not going to just sit around and wait for his best friend to kill himself. Dakota thanks John for trusting her, like lettering her drive, trusting her with a gun and not thinking she just needed to be locked up in town. Dakota tells John she likes being around him and wants him to go with them. The two are looking for a red clip for the truck, Dakota finds it but is caught by a walker and she is forced to kill it with a knife. The knife gets stuck in the the skull and John sees it and sees a part is missing out of it. He pieces it all together that Dakota killed Cameron, which in turn caused Janis to die, and that Virginia covered it all up. She said that he discovered her sneak out of town spot which is why she killed him.

Dakota has a gun aimed at John. He says he won’t hurt her, that Morgan says he needs a reason to live and maybe it’s her, she doesn’t want to hurt him or shoot him. She ends up shooting him in the shoulder, and says it doesn’t always have to mean something, and she is sorry and pushes him into the water. John sinks to the bottom, sees a picture that Morgan gave him of himself and his dad when he was younger. He pulls himself back to the surface, he tells himself it’s not too late. 

Morgan goes back to the bridge and asks Dakota what did she do. She says she didn’t want to, he asks where John is, she says floating down the river with a bullet in his chest. Morgan sees the knife and knows she killed the ranger. Dakota tells Morgan that he is alive because she saved him. She described the night and the note that she left him. She says that Morgan will take her to the safe place as before and that he has to kill her sister. Dakota says that Morgan isn’t alive to build some silly little place, he is alive because he is the only person who can end her.  Morgan tells Virginia that Dorie is hurt and heading down river thanks to her sister. He is trying to reach him but if they do they need to help him and then they will talk. 

Alicia and Charlie make it to the safe place. Morgan calls to Dwight to get ready that the fight might be coming to their doorstep. He says maybe to c all out to Sherry they will need all the firepower they can get. John washes up on shore at his cabin. June sees him and rushes out to him. Sadly John is a fucking walker! June gets the knife and ends him.