Even if you consider yourself to be a video game worshiper, that does not necessarily mean that you won’t need a break from your preferred video gameplay.  Companies that make money out of building video games have surely thought about your need to rest your brain. But they do not want you to quit your console or pc so what better way for you to smooth your playing pace than enjoy a side game within your main storyline. There is no wonder game developers bring more and more mini games to their projects and the most of them are based on real gambling games. Why? Because gamers are interested even though realize it might be money risky. What can be funnier than playing a roulette or slots machine with no restrictions and no danger of losing money. Moreover, you can save your game before lucky draw and load it in case of losing. Using this strategy, you may get Jackpot and boost your character rapidly. So what are these games look like?

We take a look at five of the most popular, user-friendly casino mini games that we found embedded with video game storylines. 

1. Lucky Simoleon Casino DLC in SIMS 3 

Most Sims players love mini-games, as the whole concept of the game series is switching from one minigame to another. So it was only a matter of time for the creators to add a casino mini-game option. The Lucky Simoleon Casino DLC can be purchased as an add-on. You can build your casino with blackjacks, slot machines, and poker tables where other Sims characters will visit you and play using their simoleons and not real money. You can customize your building and whatever you put in it according to the Sims’s philosophy.   If you just want to enjoy gamble a bit yourself, then you just have to visit other Sims casinos online. This is a feature that can only be officially found in The Sims 3 patch.  

2. GTA: San Andreas casino mini games

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular action video games someone can play. With a concept of drugs, corruption, and bend police officers you couldn’t imagine a better environment to add some casino sparkle.  When your character visits a place called Las Venturas, he comes across a variety of casino buildings. The gameplay allows to only really choose to use three of them. With a very low deposit you can take place in roulette tables, video poker, use the blackjacks and slot machines and try your luck with wheels of fortune.  By participating in the casino mini-games can add an interesting twist to your original storyline as in case your character wins he would be able to use the money to boost his life span and performance. Of course, there is an option for you to pass the mini-game option but where the fun in that is. The gambling experts from Exycasinos consider it the very realistic demonstration of what a real casino is like. 

3. Casino mini games in Fallout: New Vegas

Another role-playing game that is enjoyed by a lot of video game players worldwide is the Fallout: New Vegas. Its concept involves your character trying to deliver a package in New Vegas in the middle of a huge fallout between the USA and China that has led both countries to deploy nuclear weapons. The States have been heavily damaged and the scenery assembles to that of an apocalypse. When your character travels all the way to New Vegas he will need to find money to survive. The game offers you plenty of casino options. But you will only be able to enter some of them. They feature several different games for you to play and you can exchange your caps (Fallout’s currency) for casino chips. All the mini-games in the casinos are low deposit so you can eventually help your character win money and enhance your gameplay. The games you have available are blackjacks, slot machines, and roulette tables and if you can win enough money you give your character a chance to enhance his abilities. Moreover, as long as you win floor managers will attend to you and offer you food and beverages that will enhance your health. 

4. Blackjacks and slot machines in Leisure Suit Larry

A throwback pc game that was made by Sierra between 1987 to 2009 and then its production moved on to the Codemasters. It offered a new adult-centric experience to players. You had your character that was named Larry and you had to help me win women over. He could visit, bars and restaurants or share a cab driver with a woman but he was very low on money. The creators decided that the best way to give him a chance to make money to help the whole storyline move forward was mini casino games. So he could visit casino sites with blackjacks and slot machines and play to earn money so you could keep on with the storyline of impressing women. 

5. High Stakes Poker in Red Dead Redemption 

Here we have one of the most influential video games. Its graphics and scenery are of the best quality and the storyline of Native American war gangs could not exclude casino mini-games. The best gambling mini-game it features is the High Stake Poker which is of the most expensive such games. You need a $250 deposit to start the mini-game. When you choose to start the mini-game you have to control an arrow and keep it under tight control with your analog for other players not to think you might be trying to cheat. You can win a cheat card and then trade it. If you choose to swap cards then the game starts again. Keep in mind that the casino mini-game is a sidekick to your main storyline. You can both choose to ignore it or delve in and have great fun. 


Most of the video games mentioned above have huge fan bases just because of their features and the buildup of the characters. But either as a company or as a game player you always want an extra thing to your game. Something that will keep you playing for hours if not days. The idea of in-game casino mini games seems to be very appealing. It’s safe and fun as you don’t risk your own money.