One of the most traditional ways to relax is to put on a good movie or a good TV show. In 2021, it feels like there are more shows and movies on offer than ever before. That’s because it’s not just the traditional broadcast TV channels and the classic movie production companies that are making films for cinema. Instead, a number of streaming sites, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus, are making their own movies. You might think that these films and TV shows made to go straight to the streaming websites might not be as good as the films and TV shows that you see at the cinema or on traditional TV channels. In fact, in reality, a lot of them are already winning lots of awards at the big award ceremonies. The only problem with watching a film is you can’t interact with it. If you fancy playing some games that make it feel like you’re living the life of your favorite film or TV character, here are some of the best ones you should try. 

Head to the casino

One of the most popular venues for any glamour scene in a movie is a casino. It’s where James Bond often meets up with the very wealthy billionaires that end up leading him to the bad guys. It’s also the venue where the criminals try and earn the most money possible in the Oceans films. If you fancy being transported to this glamorous place, why not try a casino game online. The gameplay on websites like is so realistic that it’s the closest you’ll ever come to playing in a real-life casino from the comfort of your own home. Simply register for your account, and you can be transported to a virtual casino within seconds. 

Manage your own football team

One of the big surprise successes of the last 12 months has been a series that suddenly appeared on streaming websites with very little promotion but is looking like it’ll become a cult classic. Ted Lasso follows the journey of a soccer manager trying to help coach his team to success. In the show, he has to make some big decisions on which players to buy, which ones should start the game, and even which formation they should play in. If you fancy having a go at managing your own virtual team, why not try the game Football Manager which is available on computers, consoles, and even smartphones. 

Race some of the fastest machines ever made 

Where it’s one of the many Fast and Furious films or another action film, a fast car chase is one of the most popular and exciting scenes to put into a TV show or a movie. There are so many different racing games out there to try that you’ll be sure to find one on your preferred device. If you really fancy trying to replicate your favorite scene from TV or the movies, why not try and find one that’ll let you race around a street circuit rather than a specially designed race track.