The gaming industry is rising every year for the past few decades. Gaming companies are improving their projects and coming up with new products that are mostly targeting young people. Playing video games when one has free time is a known leisure activity in student dormitories. 

The majority of students had already made themselves acquainted with the gaming world before they enrolled in university. Although first-year college students may have more time than sophomores or graduates, they still have to juggle with projects and tasks. It is challenging to find enough spare time for their hobbies. 

Academic pressure doesn’t leave much space for personal time. All students have to prepare a lot of assignments for each subject of their program. 

There is excellent news on how someone may lower that stress. It might be an excellent solution for hardcore gamers who don’t want to give up on their hobby. 

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Now, let’s get down to listing the most engaging games that can make any student enjoy the hours spent in front of computers’ screens.

Some games have succeeded in comparison to others. It is almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard their titles nor played them. Here are the six most popular video games among college students in 2019.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Genre and features: an action role-playing game 

As a last part of The Elder Scrolls series, this action role-playing game has sold millions of copies since the first day it was released. Skyrim provides players vast open-world gameplay with high detailed graphics. 

Versatile gameplay and long storyline make it possible for players to come back to the game world at any time.

Battlefield 1

Game genre and features: a first-person shooter 

The storyline brings players to a World War I atmosphere. Its unique multiplayer mode keeps players doing teamwork and communicating with each other for whole sessions.

Dragon Age: Origins

Genre and features: a dark fantasy role-playing 

Dragon Age: Origins is an RPG that offers the users the possibility to create their storyline and choose the faith. Although it has no multiplayer mode, the game always keeps players passionate about discovering endless game content.

League of Legends

Genre and features: a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) 

Shortly called as LOL, League of Legends is a competitive online multiplayer game, played by over dozens of millions of users every day worldwide. 

Average gameplay takes 30-60 minutes, and players can start the game all over again after every session. 

In recent years, the game got so viral that there are considerably highly prized tournaments. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Genre and features: open world, action-adventure 

The fiction story location in the game is San Andreas. It is a single-player story about three criminals and their actions while under pressure from a government agency. Users may play from a third-person or choose a first-person mode and navigate through the world by foot or by cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles. 

Players are in control of three personalities and switch between them during the missions. The vast majority of tasks involve shooting gameplay; there is the possibility to steal vehicles while playing.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Genre and features: survival, a free-to-play battle royale 

The game has become an outstanding success gaining more than a hundred million users in about one year’s time. 

Interactive Entertainment makes hundreds of millions of dollars monthly, and now it’s counted as a phenomenon in the gaming business. 

The storyline is as follows: one hundred players skydive on an isolated island and look for the gears to battle other users. 

Players can fight in a solo-, duo-mode, or a squad of 3 people. The last standing user or a team alive is the winner.

Final Words

The correlation between playing online games and school performance was and still is a hot topic among many specialists. The vast majority of studies state that moderate playing doesn’t harm academic performance as long as students balance this hobby and school-related activities. 

Besides, it appears that students who play with some frequency – 5 to 8 hours per week – tend to have higher academic achievements than those who don’t play at all. 

Specific genres as, for example, strategy games, may enhance concentration, strategical, and tactical skills. Of course, there should be common sense and time limitations for playing. Yet, this is the case for any other interest in our lives.