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Marvel Characters, UFC Edition: Friendly Commentary (Part 2)

I'm back with Marvel Character, UFC edition part 2. If y'all haven't read part one, I don't know what you're waiting for. Oh, and make sure to check the artist's Instagram to have the ability to vote on the matches' outcome, and to keep up with the growing roster.

Disclaimer: There are inconsistencies and false information (i.e. age) in these adaptations. Move on. Let it go. It’s still fiction.

I’m back with Marvel Character, UFC edition part 2. If y’all haven’t read part one, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Oh, and make sure to check the artist’s Instagram to have the ability to vote on the matches’ outcome, and to keep up with the growing roster.

PS: I’ve assigned the nicknames myself to put my signature on this article. I hope they catch on. Comment down below with your own nicknames. I’m sure you guys have better ones that’ll definitely end up showcased when I do further rounds of edits.

PPS: Read the headings in MMA-announcer fashion. It’s more entertaining that way.

Without further ado, *clears throat* Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, adults who act not their age, geeks and nerds, and all the genders possibly available, we present to you the UFC x Marvel roster, the Lightweight division *applause and cheers erupt in the background*

Bucky – Son of Anarchy – Barnes, a.k.a The Winter Soldier

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
Bucky Barnes
The Winter Solider
Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López

The winter soldier looks like a trailer park reject turned biker-gang vice president. If you disagree with me, take a look at his sponsors; Harley Davidson and absolute vodka. I rest my case.

The American Top Team sponsorship is not surprising given he’s Cap’s best friend. The question is: why is he super skinny? 154lbs? Taking the comics as a reference, Barnes is 150lbs while the Winter Soldier is 260lbs. It’s safe to assume that this is a version of Barnes that never lost its arm (as portrayed in the artwork) and that was never captured by Hydra. Following that logic, does that mean he’s not that much of a badass? He just looks the part? I guess his performance in his division will answer that question.

Cletus – Marvel’s Joker – Kasady, a.k.a Carnage

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
Cletus Kasady
Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López

Does he look like Jared Leto’s Joker or is it just me?

We all know where he’s from because of Spiderman. What we don’t know is his fighting style. Will he embody his name? His info card says Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Wing Chun, and Lethwei. BJJ and Lethwei make sense; Carnage is a grappler just like Venom and Spiderman, so submission moves aren’t foreign to him, and Lethwei is a rougher and more rugged form of Muy Thai (Headbutts are fair game and practitioners only use gauze wrap and tape as hand protection). However, Cletus Kasady is a chaotic guy and arguably the most chaotic martial art out there would be Vale Tudo.

Wing Chun might explain the 7 losses and 1 draw on his record. Bruce Lee’s native martial art is all about reaction and using the opponent’s movement and momentum against him/her, which does not represent Carnage. However, it’s very much expected of him to be chaotic and to disregard the rules once in the ring. In other words, he may be disqualified when matched up with Spiderman (with all the bad blood between the two).

Carnage is sponsored by: Oscar Mayer, Winchester, and Tabasco. We’re not sure why would Oscar Mayer promote Kasady (let us know down in the comments if you have a link between the two), but we know Carnage loves killing people and spicing his methods up.

Remy – Angry Emo Dude – Lebeau, a.k.a Gambit

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
Remy LEbeau
Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López

I’ve got no sarcastic comment for Gambit. In fact, his hair looks pretty cool and the eyes are spot-on taken into account his usual design in the Marvel Comics.

speaking of the Marvel comics, Gambit is known for being highly skilled in both Bojutsu (Martial art using a staff) and Savate. Savate, for those who don’t know and for those who might get it twisted, is a French martial art that uses only kicks. Contrary to the current practice of savate that looks a lot like kickboxing (called Boxe Française). It doesn’t make sense to add Bojutsu since no the use of weapons is not allowed in the UFC.

Given his rich street history, Gambit actually has a chance in this slim division (consistent of only 4 fighters). Out of all the other 3 fighters, he’s the only one familiar, up and close, with the laws of the jungle given his early days with the Assassin gang in New Orleans. He’s the only one I would expect him to land a few dirty hits without getting caught.

To be honest, he’s got as much chance as the other guys for the title. The lightweight division doesn’t currently have any eyebrow-raising fighters, except for maybe Peter Parker with his acrobatics and grappling ability.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary to point out about his tattoos; although, the slot machine seems a little on the nose since Gambit’s gambling game of choice is poker.

Lebeau is sponsored by Le coq sportif (French heritage), Poker Stars, and MGM Grand (the gambling combo starter pack).

Peter – No Longer Friendly – Parker, a.k.a Spiderman

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
Peter Parker
Marvel X UFC
Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López

The strongest contender, in my opinion. In the comics, he’s a formidable acrobat, which is a mastered feat by highly skilled capoeira practitioners. In other words, Parker is great at evading enemy strikes and countering at lightning speed with unpredicted movements. It should be borne in mind that capoeira fighters don’t fight the same way martial art is portrayed in movies (i.e. Never Back Down, and Tekken). Next, we know that Spiderman is good at wrestling; it’s literally the first form of combat sport he tries right after the acquisition of his powers. However, given his tiny/agile stature, he excels at a specific branch of wrestling: Lucha Libre (Rey Mysterio fans, anyone?). Based on these two styles alone, he’s got both striking and grappling covered (although, his grappling precision is below average in his info card).

Side note; I love his chest Tattoo. Both uncle Ben and Aunt May entangled in a web? Great artistic instincts.

Spidey is sponsored by the Daily Bugle (I thought James Jonah Jamesons hated the dude), Stark Industries (Ironman sugar daddy), and Hayabusa (no freaking idea why).

What do you all think of this? did the artist nail his fanart or would you have preferred he did some things differently? Let us know down in the comments.

Also, stay tuned for the Heavyweight, Super heavyweight, and Women’s divisions.

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