After 7 seasons of Workaholics, we are still craving more! Sadly the show will not return for an 8th season, but it doesn’t mean we can’t count down the top 5 funniest moments from our favorite trio!

#5: Adam, Blake and Anders make a connection in “Gayborhood”.


Showing a little #Pride (Picture Source:

After crashing a Pride party in their neighborhood, the friends wake the next morning and are convinced they had sex… with each other. After arriving at TelAmeriCorp, the three are forced to participate in team building exercises and one thing is certain, they do NOT want to touch each other. However, the trio quickly realizes that the only way to beat Montez’s team in the final leg of the race is to build a human tower to reach the goal. Why the guys climbed up crotch to mouth is beyond us!

#4: The boys quit TelAmeriCorp and open their own business in “Best Buds”.


This Burweedo is a little… Skunky! (Picture Source:

When Adam, Ders and Blake decide to quit TelAmeriCorp and start their own business with Karl, things go horribly wrong! After Best Buds’ grand opening, Ders and Karl see the potential to make a lot of money selling Burweedos, but Adam and Blake are tired of being bossed around. Their recipe for revenge? 1 cup impatient health inspector, 1 burweedo and 1 dead skunk. Add maggots for flavor.

#3: The trio face a moral dilemma in “To Friend a Predator”.


Bieberhole69 (Picture Source:

When Blake and Jillian create accounts on a Justin Bieber fan page, they didn’t think twice about it…That is, until they encounter a predator who goes by the name “Bieberhole69”. Jillian sends the guys on a quest to find the predator and hand him over to the police. That’s when they meet Topher. He’s charismatic, hip and best of all.. he has access to the Penthouse Penthouse! While the trio feels bad, they can’t pass up a chance to meet chicks at the Penthouse Penthouse, so they cut Topher some slack as long as he promises to never do it again. And we see in the photo how well that plan worked.

#2: Adam, Ders and Blake are asked to babysit in “Peyote it Forward”.


Portal to another…office? (Picture Source:

Shortly after consuming a fair amount of peyote Ders, Blake and Adam try to find a quiet room at TelAmeriCorp to allow the hallucinations to kick in. On the way to the office gym, they run into their boss Alice and her client who asks if the three could keep an eye on his very demanding son. After agreeing, the peyote kicks in and sends the friends on a drug spiral involving doors to other dimensions, Ders as a bird, old man Blake and who could possibly forget gold tooth Adam playing the trombone!

#1: The guys celebrate their common law marriage in “Friendship Anniversary”.


It’s rat bashin’ time! (Picture Source:

While having a blowout on the anniversary of their friendship, the trio get in a fight of epic proportions. They split up, but leave their own house in shambles. When the guys arrive back at their own casa, they find an infestation of rats! Solution: Hockey sticks, baseball bats, boxing gloves and goggles. The rest of the episode is a comedic, free for all, rat bashing tourney.

We may never get to enjoy another new episode of Workaholics, but for the diehard “Tight Butthole” fans who will continue to power on and binge watch our favorite trio, to you we say, “You Gotta Be Fresh”!