Disclaimer: There are inconsistencies and false information (i.e. age) in these adaptations. Move on. Let it go. It’s still fiction.

Marvel vs Capcom has always been a fun game. The crossover between the two universes gives a fresh feel to combat games. Yet, one specific artist took the word combat a little bit too seriously when he decided to reincarnate some of the iconic Marvel characters as UFC fighters.

I’ve never thought it was something we needed, but boy oh boy, did he do a good job! Don’t believe me? Check the lineup down below.

One more thing that is left to the artist to clear up is whether the characters get to keep their comic book abilities or not. For the sake of fairness, we’ll assume they don’t. After all, a regeneration factor can be perceived as a bigger advantage than brute strength or being able to manipulate the elements.

PS: I’ve assigned the nicknames myself to put my signature on this article. I hope they catch on. Comment down below with your own nicknames. I’m sure you guys have better ones that’ll definitely end up showcased when I do further rounds of edits.

PPS: Read the headings in MMA-announcer fashion. It’s more entertaining that way.

Without further ado, *clears throat* Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, adults who act not their age, geeks and nerds, and all the genders possibly available, we present to you the UFC x Marvel roster, the Middleweight-Light Heavyweights division *applause and cheers erupt in the background*

James – anger management – Howlett, a.k.a the Wolverine

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López 
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art
James Howlett, the Wolverine, UFC
Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

Reigning from the province of Alberta, Canada, Wolverine is most certainly the toughest berserker on this roster, with only Sabertooth to match his frenzied rage. His tattoos are reminiscent of his 2013 movie, the Wolverine, which serves as a reminder to all his opponents that even samurais can’t stop his slice-and-dice aggression.

However, there are a couple of possible setbacks to be addressed here:

  • The elephant in the room: he’s short (please tell me someone caught the sarcasm and chuckled). He does make up for it with an impressive reach of 74 (compared to his height), so, no one’s going to be able to keep him at arm’s length (insert cartoon gif here).
  • His claws: I’m genuinely curious about the rules in this specific league. The claws are a part of Howlett’s anatomy. Will they be considered legal in a fight? And will UFC design special gloves for him? Would he even need gloves with his adamantium body? Gloves are supposed to protect the fighter’s hands, and Wolverine’s opponents are going to need to be protected against his bare knuckles, let alone his claws.

Record: 32-2-0. That leaves room for speculation. Sabertooth springs to mind when filling one of his losses. Who cost him a second defeat? The Hulk maybe?

Wolverine is sponsored by Browning, Mitsubishi, Badboy, Saga, and Jack Daniels. If that doesn’t represent Bub’s image, I don’t know what does.

Marc – Batman-without-Martha – Spector, a.k.a Moon Knight

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

Marc Spector moon knight: Marvel’s Batman without the no-killing code. He’s a former Marine and CIA agent turned mercenary, so he’s got all the physical and psychological training there is to handle the toughest fights. Moon knight is ruthless that’s thanks to his dissociative identity disorder (I know using thanks to is wrong but roll with it). His mental illness has the possibility of giving him an advantage against his opponents, operating as a “surprise” factor. The change in his personality is translated into a change in his fighting style and fighting mentality. Will he go berzerk? Or will he be calm and collected? No one knows. One thing’s for sure, Marc rarely relies on takedowns. He loves to pound his opponents to the ground. I wonder how much of that we’ll be seeing.

Marc has 21 wins and 5 losses, which is both insane and expected. How you may ask? Moon knight is basically Jake Gellynhall at the beginning of the movie Southpaw. He doesn’t even know what the words block, parry, and evade mean. He faces blows head-on like a pure-bred masochist. If you think about it, it’s one hell of a scare tactic. Wouldn’t you be scared to fight someone who would love nothing but to get pummeled?

Moon Knight is sponsored by NASA (get it? NASA, Moon Knight? The moon? Clever), Fairtex (a nod to Mar Specter’s Muay Thai skills? Although, Marc is known to be a master of Judo, Karate, Savate, and Gymnastics), and Osiris (is it because of his shoes? I don’t get it).

T’Challa – The King, a.k.a Black Panther

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

A moment of silence for Chadwick Boseman.

The moment’s over. T’Challa looks pretty cool with his Wakanda-Forever pose. It’s his trademark after all. I’m not too sure about the placement of the Black Panther Tattoo; I’m guessing the artist knew that if he had designed the tattoo on T’Challa’s chest, it would be shadowed by his pose.

Time to rage against this specific depiction: How the hell does The Freaking Balck Freaking Panther only has 3 martial arts under his belt? The man is a phenomenal acrobat, which should instantly include Tae Kwon Do under his arsenal. Besides, how the hell does he have 8 wins by submission (check the original IG post for reference) without knowing Jiujitsu?

The artist shat the bed on this one.

The Black Panther is sponsored by Tapout (clever pun for his submission wins, I like that), the Carolina Panthers (cliche choice), and MP clothing apparel (Why would he be sponsored by two clothing companies? That doesn’t make sense).

Matt – Boxer without fear – Murdock, a.k.a DareDevil

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

The only Bonafide boxer in this division. He’s also the only one who’s been around fighting rings and, therefore, knows how to control and work the ring better than anyone else. Fighting inside a ring is way different than fighting in an open space. Ring awareness is a skill. Once you’re cornered or against the ropes, you’re in trouble. Matt is not the strongest (Captain America is), the most agile (Black Panther is), the flashiest (Deadpool is), or the most durable (The Punisher is) of the bunch. However, DareDevil is the man without fear and that makes him, by default, the most hard-working and most composed. His fact sheet shows that he’s trained in everything that he needs to secure the title. In short, he’s the all-rounder of the squad.

There’s no need to comment on the tattoos. There are no hidden messages. However, I have no idea why he is sponsored by Doritos; absolutely, no clue. The comment section, help?

Wade – Francis’ lover – Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

This one’s got me fired up. Aside from my homeboy looking like a so-cool-dude Skater, his demeanor is mysterious to a point where it throws you off: is he going to give me a high give, or is he going to uppercut me five meters off the ground? There’s no mistake that Deadpool is different from the other contenders; the guy knows only wrestling and freestyle. This may sound so little except that freestyle encompasses a variety of martial arts under its umbrella. What’s unique about is that it takes the necessary elements of different styles to endow the fighters with a holistic kit. In other words, Deadpool knows wrestling, boxing, muay Thai, Jiujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Karate (to say the least).
Besides, peep that marvelous record. The dude is always itching for a fight.
I don’t even need to comment on his tattoos. Although, the roses could be a nod to Slash, from Guns N’ Roses, visiting the Deadpool 2 set that one time. I may be reaching, so guys, let me down in the comments in I’m wrong.

Deadpool is sponsored by everything that represents him. ‘Nough said.

Eric – Cool Hair Cut Bro – Brooks, a.k.a Blade

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

I’d like to start off by pointing that Blade looks like he’s sleep-deprived. The first thing you notice about fighter Blade is his pout; He looks like a kid who got denied a second oreo cookie. Aside from that, his hairstyle and tattoos are not only a great tribute to Wesley Snipe’s Blade, but they also make him look like a total badass. However, looks aren’t enough to either intimidate or guarantee a W in his division. All the other characters have battled fiercer and terrifying enemies in the past. So, the question is: what is/are his advantage(s)?

The elephant in the room is his long career as a vampire hunter. Contrary to DareDevil and the Punisher who are usually fighting regular human beings (with the occasional boss fight at the end), Blade has been hunting mainly vampires, the ones high-up on the vampirical hierarchy ladder (Dracula, Deacon Frost, and Morbius). In other words, he’s accustomed to fighting stronger and faster enemies.
On the other hand, he lacks the experience that Steve (military), Frank (marine), and Matt (boxer dad) have as actual combatants and fighters. Nevertheless, I think he’s got as much chance as anyone else.

Blade is sponsored by Count Chocula (the irony), Oakly (good one), Wilkinson Sword (Slice and Dice), and the Red Cross (free buffet).

Steve – All American Steel – Rogers, a.k.a Captain America

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art
Steve Rogers, Captain America, UFC, Marvel
Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

Once a scrawny chap from Manhattan who wanted badly to serve his country, Steve Rogers found his way to the octagon after he got the sh*t kicked out of him in a back alley and failed to enlist in the army (the gritty version of what would’ve happened if Bucky never showed up).

He did hold on to his patriotism, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to fill the shoes of his status as Captain America. And what screams patriotism more than tattooing your country’s animal mascot on your chest and its wrestling organization on your bulging bicep?

Speaking of his arms, he has the average reach of a heavyweight-class boxer, while his weight classifies him to be at the lower fence of a cruiserweight MMA fighter (a class below heavyweight). Obviously, the weight classes in this depiction are skewed, but it helps to gauge every character’s natural physical abilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Steve trains boxing, kickboxing, judo, and good old wrestling. However, in the comics, he is under a grandmaster rank in every form of martial arts.

Record: 32-2-1. We can speculate his one loss to be against the Wolverine or Black Panther and his Draws to be against Iron Man and Spiderman.

Captain America is sponsored by American-made brands only: American Top Team, the MLB, Pepsi, and Bud Light.

For more of his work, check his Instagram page. He’s been throwing match-ups and having fans decide which character would take the W. Be sure to vote for your favorite character. Who knows, maybe the UFC and Marvel would turn this artist’s vision into a video game (the one we definitely need. I mean, MMA fighters with superpowers? YES!!).

Frank – The Veteran – Castle, a.k.a the Punisher

Art by Rodrigo Lorenzo López
IG: @rodrigo.lorenzo.art

I daresay the Punisher’s look is the grittiest of all the fighters in this division. The shape of his face is the same as Jn Bernthal’s from the Punisher Netflix series. The scars on his face embody the hard-fought battles he’d had as a marine and as a special ops soldier. Speaking of his military background, Frank is trained in all the necessary martial arts: Krav Maag for effective takedowns, Muay Thai for power and fast strikes, Karate for defense and counterattacks, and jiujitsu for grappling and submission. Not only that, but he is also known to be a master strategist in peak physical condition (despite the wear and tear of his military service). We can all count that he’s got plans from A all the way down the Japanese alphabet against all of his opponents. The way I see it, he should be the one to hold the title.
Besides, the skull, the dog-tag chain, and the rifle tattoos. Come on!!
As portrayed on his info sheet, he’s got the most fights under his belt with a win ratio of 86%. That’s a veteran right there (pun intended).

The Punisher is sponsored by Beretta (guns, guns, and more guns) and Venom (Matches the gritty theme of the brand).

What do you all think of this? did the artist nail his fanart or would you have preferred he did some things differently? Let us know down in the comments.

Also, stay tuned for the Lightweight, Heavyweight, Super heavyweight, and Women’s divisions.