The saga of the broken microphone never ends over here, folks. While this isn’t my favorite episode audio-wise for me, the episode is too good not to put out. Special shoutout to our new editor, Nick Jack Wright for being amazing at his job because we got to talking for over two hours. Nick managed to squeeze in all the good stuff to under an hour and 15 minutes. In this episode, we are back to talk about the ’90s. I was on Steve and Matt’s podcast, Happened In The ’90s, back in July and had such a wonderful time that I asked them to come to be a guest on our podcast. I love these two guys to death, and they are definitely “our people.” 

We start the conversation off by chatting about my Funko collection and collections in general. Primarily we focus on our regrets of the things that we’ve parted ways with over the years. We are desperate to find these short nostalgic trips and willing to pay big dollars to return to those priceless moments. Ultimately this brings up “Gamer Rage” and how fights would break out overplaying certain games like Mario Kart. I bring up Seaman AGAIN and how it opened a rabbit hole of discussion among my family and friends. We’ve concluded that the game had to be the idea from someone’s late-night smoke session or a bet gone wrong. 

We move on to talking about what the 90’s meant to each of us. To Steve, the ’90s was a time of fantastic music and creations. For Matt, it was about the small group of friends and hanging out, as cliche as it sounds for Steve. For me, the ’90s were a time of television and pop culture. My love for Captain Planet and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came from this era. In my area of the Bay Area, we were lucky enough to have a Disney and WB store at our local mall. This place allowed us to watch Looney Toon cartoons while my parents shopped around the store. You can imagine our sadness when they shut them down. This leads us into a quick discussion about the new Space Jam movie. We also chat about our favorite 90’s Disney movies like the GOAT Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one that never gets enough credit, but Prop Culture does a great job of showcasing how truly groundbreaking the film was. Many non-Disney movies were popular during this time, like Free Willy, Fern Gully, Harriet The Spy, and Good Burger. 

In the guy’s podcasts, we talked at length about how most 90’s kids are either Team Disney Channel or Team Nickelodeon. I’ve already pledged my allegiance to the Slime of Team Nick. I remember how Nick used to be SNICK on Saturdays and how Nickelodeon turned into Nick at Night at a specific time each day. A time slot that showed old series like I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeanie, and other beloved television classics. We immediately launch into a discussion of do you remember: 

  • When Channels Just Stopped Airing Stuff? Yeah, it would just go off the air.
  • Children Today Will Never Be Scared Of The Dial-Up Tone! The fax machine can try all it wants, but you aren’t even close! 
  • AOL Chat rooms before ASL and playing games with strangers. What were our parents thinking?
  • Catfishing before Catfish and MTV didn’t even have TRL yet!
  • Computer Classes where you learned to create websites “for fun” and essentially it was an entire hour where we goofed off on the internet.

This conversation leaves us nostalgic and wishing for particular 90’s items to come back like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cereal and another wrestling revolution. We are an extraordinary generation that witnessed the birth of the internet being put in almost every home. Frankly, we are so spoiled now. We get things incredibly fast and rarely ever have to “wait” as we did back in the ’90s. Before we watched movies repeatedly because that’s all we could do, now we watch an episode of Loki, and we are ready for the next one. We can’t quote or remember the series the same way we do other movies of the past. 

I guess our point is that we need to slow down. We live in a life where hustle culture is KING. Back in the ’90s, it was cool to have a hobby, collect things, and be a little different. We could watch TV all day and not feel horrible about it at all. Matt misses the days of having a core group of friends who would just “ball bust” each other in ways that people may find offensive now. It’s safe to say that the ’90s is a decade we miss greatly. Remember, you can catch Steve and Matt on Happened on the 90’s podcast every week with a new episode so you can get your fix of 90’s nostalgia. 

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