If you don’t already have a notebook, get one.

Season 3 of Netflix’s Dark is by far the most complicated of them all, both in character development and, even more so, in how much happens in most episodes. The ending of the last season revealed we’re not just dealing with the original five timelines anymore. We now have a whole other dimension to deal with. This means you have multiple versions of the same character at the same age jumping from timeline to timeline in their OWN universe AND a WHOLE NEW universe. Schrodinger’s cat even makes an appearance! As I said, you’ll need a notebook if you don’t already have one.

Thankfully, the filming helps you keep track of where you are dimension wise, with dimension two, later called “Eve’s World” (our current dimension being known as “Adam’s World” in the audio description) a more dreary and visually dark world from where we’ve been. This helps those not using audio descriptions keep track of where they are. There is also, along with the classic “tick” when changing times, a new sound, a sucking “whoop” sound along with an accompanying visual to make SURE the viewer knows when they’re traveling between dimensions. It is a very good thing the creators thought of all these ways of helping the viewer, considering how much they manage to pack into just eight episodes, both making this last season the most confusing and satisfying of them all.

Part of this satisfaction, of course, comes from the fact that there IS an ending, but also because we FINALLY get answers to questions we’ve had for entire seasons or even the entire series. How Was Claudia eft at Tanhaus’ doorstep? How did Noah and Elizabeth first meet? The largest question of all is, how in the WORLDS does everything fit together? Without spoiling exactly HOW they happen, I will tell you that they and all the other answers we get have been worth the weight. All the information we get in Season 3 will completely change how you view entire characters, such as when we learned who Adam used to be. There is even one reveal that changes with no exaggeration, the VERY first scene of the entire series. It blew my mind when I rewatched the series for the first time. I would go so far as to say that all of the reveals in Season 3 will make you want to rewatch the series immediately after finishing.

If you choose to, you’ll notice SO MUCH foreshadowing, even back in Season 1. There were so many times where I just blurted out, “Oh! How did I not notice that!? It makes so much sense!” All of the reveals are perfectly placed to shock you, but to also fit into the theme of the episode, such as the fifth episode titled, “Life and Death,” wherein Elizabeth, who, out of desperation, does something that she can never take back, leading to her and Noah bonding, and, eventually, the conception of Claudia and all the good and bad that comes with that.

This brings up a question that was asked in the season 2 review, “How are we supposed to develop and become better when there is nothing we can do to stop bad things from happening?” Well, I can tell you that by the end of this season, you will have an answer. It isn’t given straight up because it’s Dark, but it is there. Throughout the series, characters have been attempting to change things. Whether they succeed or not varies, but they do try. What REALLY makes things change is when the characters stop thinking of themselves and start thinking of the bigger picture: what’s best for everyone. They realize that what they want, though it may be important to THEM, isn’t the most important thing in the world. By doing so, the series surprises me one last time by ending on the most bitter-sweet but satisfying ending of any show I’ve ever seen. Totally worth the crazy ride, but I’m still so glad I took notes.