Sometimes you get a fifth week of art early on – that’s just how it is when you’ve got yourself an odd scheduling system!

While the scheduling system may be odd, the art isn’t – so let’s not waste any time and jump right into this week’s picks.

7. Tavern of Rats

Sneaky Gnida kicks off this week with a creeping hall of cool rodent characters. There’s so much going on in this picture, and so many different characters with their own designs, that make it an all-around fun piece. Every time I look at it I’m seeing something new!

6. Carol of the Bells

Coming in at #6 is the rare light picture by Desu Box – I almost had to do a double-take with this one! If you haven’t seen her work before, Desu Box usually creates gothic horror-type pieces, with dark colors and heavy shadows. This picture, however, shows that Desu can handle the light as well as the dark, and add a nice layer of cute romance on top of it.

5. Fisherman

Next up is this fishing photo done by Eruca, which has some nice vivid colors to it. I especially like the small hints of ice blue against the white fur – there’s something about it that works so well. The addition of a black jacket also does a bit to tone down the overall bright white of the fur, helping the character to blend more in with the picture, rather than completely standing out from it.

4. Evil Boi

Do you like heavy shadows, dark colors, and evil characters? Then you’re going to love this next piece by Saint Cocoa, featuring this deliciously evil bull character. There’s a definite, dark seductive air about this character and lots of extra features that add in a sense of mysticism. For example, the bright blue tattoos, or the wisps of smoke around the character. Beware of this one!

Don’t get too pulled in, though, we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out!

Grapes? Yes, please! Art by Vexstacy
Some new finds for new adventures. Art by Kenket
Only the bravest will prevail. Art by Lokey

Some pretty pointed honorable mentions, huh? Now, let’s get onto the top three, starting with:

3. Forced Prayer

And now we enter back into the world of Sablez, which seems to have a lot of play with religious and spiritual elements, such as priests and demons. This is the latest in a string of black-and-white pictures that Sablez has been doing, and I must say, they’ve all been pretty good so far.

It’s also a great way to show what sort of techniques and moods you can create with a grayscale image. And then there’s the concept behind the piece – “Forced Prayer”? Of what – and to whom? Sablez once again teases us with glimpses of their characters and the dark world they seem to inhabit.

2. Spectacle Mage

Now for something completely different – we’ve gone from grayscale and demonic to the bright, chipper, and magical. Caroline Gariba showed off this delightfully cute owl that’s combining the classic elements of fire and ice, and doing it with plenty of flairs, might I add! Not only is it a contrast in elements, but also style. For example, the ice flows in a windy breeze, giving off a softer glow than the fire’s bright blaze that sparkles and jolts out pieces of flame.

It’s also the art for a legit Magic the Gathering card, which makes this piece even cooler. Or would it be hotter?

And now, this week’s #1 piece is:

1. As Old As Time

Sixth Leaf Clover comes back to take the #1 spot once again with this beautiful ballroom dance picture that almost looks straight out of Beauty and the Beast. There’s so much going on in this seemingly simple image that has the dragon Ultimus leading the beautiful dragoness Alice in a delicate dance. For starters, check out that amazing star-laden outside, and then look below the dragons and really take in how well Sixth Leaf rendered that reflection. But, it also works in terms of color, giving a nice, eye-catching break to the shiny golden floor. Then you have the composition of the outdoors, Ultimus and Alice’s clothing, their poses – it’s simply too much to go over quickly.

Congratulation and well done Sixth Leaf Clover, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings not just another week, but another month to a close. This past week of art also included April Fools’ Day, so hopefully, none of you got pranked. I think I narrowly avoided a prank by the Mad Rook myself.

It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the year – only two more months to go until the halfway point. What sort of cool furry art will we see in that time frame?