Hello Readers! As usual you can catch my previous recaps by reading my entries for  Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3, and Episode 4  and Episode 5. Spoilers ahead, so if you still haven’t watched the whole series, like me be warned! Episode 6 and 7 recap ahead.

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Episode 6 opens with the new Duchess arriving to Clyvedon with the Duke to meet with the staff and get acquainted with their new life, though Daphne struggles with forming a relationship with Mrs. Colson, the estate’s housekeeper. The Duke and Dutchess also visit the village and Daphne tries to form a relationship with the occupants. Struggling at first, but she connects with a local mother and she gives her some insight and help. 

Simon tries to make sense of the finances and the political standing of the current affairs, as it was left in a mess in his absence. Simon and Daphne seems to help the villagers and improve their lives in their short time there. The newly wedded couple spend a little while in wedded happiness, but Daphne begins to realize that Simon is keeping a secret from her in terms of his ability to father children, which causes a major rift in their relationship and changes the course of their honeymoon’s celebrations. 

When Daphne discovers that Simon is keeping the truth from her, she forces him to bed her without his usual efforts to not get her pregnant. This scene is rather uncomfortable for me and sort of toes the line of consent vs. non-consent. I can see why she could make that choice. However, it felt a bit wrong. I feel for Daphne and her situation with Simon. His actions were selfish and stubborn. I found myself getting increasingly irritated at his refusal to tell Daphne anything and open up to her. Despite this, I felt like Daphne should have spoken to Simon first before she went through her plan. They seem to really love one another yet refuse to be open and honest. Daphne learns more from the household staff about his childhood than from Simon himself. 

Not to mention Simon can see how much Daphne loves children, even calling her a natural when seeing her with a local village child. The knowledge that everything she ever wanted was to be a mother, and seeing how much she truly loves children and continues to lie to her for his revenge plot against his father, is getting frustrating. 

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Meanwhile, Colin announces his engagement with Marina to the surprise of his mother and siblings. Anthony reacts quite harshly and does not give his blessing to Colin, who believes with his whole heart he is marrying for love. He is yet unaware of the events to come.

Lady Featherington struggles to keep her status and standing in town as her financial troubles get worse. Part of me feels sorry for her, though she makes it really hard to at times. 

Marina also is turning a bit annoying for me. I understand that she felt there was no other way for her, however, I just cannot get past how everyone in this show is so willing to ruin other people’s lives for their own gain. Does no one have a conscience? Penelope seems to be the only one, in this episode at least, that has cared for anyone other than herself, she constantly tries to get Marina to think of Colin and how his life will be affected. Though her efforts fall short. 

Penelope, still unable to let go of her feelings for Colin, tries to ruin his engagement by telling him Marina loves another man. When this fails she searches for other ways to spoil the plans, eventually finding out that her mother faked the last letter from George. Though, Marina decides to move on and burns the evidence. Her efforts fall short and she goes to Eloise and breaks down, re-establishing their friendship. 

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I was really happy to see a moment between Penelope and Eloise, their friendship was one of my favorite things from the start of the season. I am glad that this friendship seems to be one thing that will outlast all scandal and drama the social season and society thrusts upon them. 

The episode ends with Lady Whistledown publishing the scandalous news of Marina’s pregnancy in her column. 

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Episode 7 opens with Simon and Daphne drifting farther apart while the publication of this Marina’s news brings them back to London so she can be with her family and help to play damage control. Though they try their best to hide it, it is obvious to all close to them that something is amiss. 

Simon vows to stay with Daphne if she is pregnant, but if not he promises they will live separate lives and never be intimate again. It is so clear they both do not want this and want to be with one another. Simon, though is being even more stubborn than he usually is and starts treating Daphne just as his father treated his mother. His efforts to be the opposite of his father and not become him have failed and he is now becoming just as cruel to his wife. This is so beyond old at this point, Simon needs to wake up and realize that he loves Daphne more than he hates his father. 

Simon even tries to continue to lie to Daphne until she finally gets some truth out of him and he tells her of his deathbed vow to his father. This unsurprisingly does not satisfy her and angers her even more. This is not a reason enough to act as he is. Naturally, Simon does not nudge at all and even doubles down on his efforts to push her away. 

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Daphne confronts her mother at the Queen’s luncheon about her failure to prepare her for married life and motherhood. This is overheard by Lady Danbury, who thankfully keeps the situation to herself. This confrontation seems to have an effect on Lady Bridgerton later on when she speaks to Eloise. Character growth! We love character growth, someone learning from their mistakes. 

Meanwhile, she invites Daphne to a married ladies’ soiree at her estate, where she uses her social status to find out information for Marina, who she vowed to help after realizing she sympathized with her and her situation. Though, Marina does not believe her efforts will work and attempts to abort her pregnancy with a mixture of herbs in tea. 

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Eloise prepares to make her debut and simultaneously tries to find out Lady Whistledown’s identity so she can have her publish a positive column about The Featheringtons to help Penelope. The Queen growing impatient with Eloise’s inability to find the identity of Whistledown dismisses her and tells her that her services are no longer needed. This happens just before Eloise realizes who the writer must be, Madame Delacroix. 

The episode ends as Daphne learns she is not pregnant, Simon overhearing her cries and sobs from his viewing box at the concert. This leaves us to assume that going forward Daphne and Simon will live in misery apart. 

I am really hoping that Simon finally snaps out of it and realizes his love for Daphne far outweighs any hatred he has for his father and that they can have children the right way and be happy together. All the relationships in this series seem to be on hinges and falling apart, so I am hoping someone can find happiness. Daphne has a pure heart and she tries so hard to help others and she has been taken advantage of and used. I want so badly for her to be happy and for her life to end on a happy note. I really hope the last episode brings the conclusions I am wishing for.