We open to the sisters getting coffee and walking to the secret Elders room in Safespace Seattle. They talk about what Abigael said and why would they want to hurt the sisterhood. Harry is trying to recreate the amulet for his dark half. The sisters go to Portland, Oregon to help a witch in distress. They end up seeing a dangerous monster.

Source Den of Geek

When they help the witch in distress and bring her back to the room for the Elders, they find out that she is, in fact, an Elder. More surprising she is one of the Elders who made Harry into a White Lighter. Harry is PISSED. He can’t even be in the same room as her. Celeste the Elder, feels bad and wants to get out of there. Then she ignores what the girls say about the Power of Three and not wanting it. When Macy goes to find Harry again, he finds him there with Abigael and their daughters and her sisters. They seem to be in a dream or spell.

When Macy wakes up, Maggie and Mel tell her what happened and Macy talks about the dream. Maggie gets a premonition. The monster from the waterfront is in the building. When she goes out and warns Jordan, his reaction is strange. Turns out that is a spell too. After that, it is Mel’s turn. Mel wakes up trapped in a psychiatric ward.

Celeste put a spell on all three of them. They should have woken by now but haven’t. Harry went in to get the sisters. When they come out Celeste is gone. Harry must find and retrieve her. It’s the monster they had encountered at the waterfront before. They aren’t powerful enough as collective individuals.

Source Den of Geek

Do they take back the Power of 3? Can they defeat the monster? Watch the episode and let me know what you think in the comments below. Be safe and stay healthy. Til next week…