Over the years, mediums of entertainment have intertwined to give inspirational and unique experiences to their fans. The gambling industry now consists of progressive and sophisticated technologies that have led to much advancement. Any player can now find online slot games that fit their taste and preferences. There are many games that are themed on popular TV shows, board games, historical time periods, and much more. 

Game Shows & Board Game Inspired Slots

Some board games such as Chess, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit are the highest selling board games of all time. Chess has very recently experienced a boom in popularity due to the recent Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit. TV quiz shows have also become very popular in the world and have been turned into board games too, such as The Crystal Maze, The Chase, Countdown, and Catch Phrase.

Iconic Board Games

An iconic board game that often causes a lot of arguments among players is Monopoly. The real estate game was created in 1934 and is about trying to purchase property and collecting rent from other players without becoming bankrupt. By 2011, the popular game had sold nearly 275m units. Many spin offs have been released over the years including Cheaters Edition, Ultimate Banking, and Millennials, and also themed versions like Friends, Stranger Things, and Super Mario Bros. Over time, online slot games like Monopoly Slingo and Monopoly Megaways were also created based on the board game.

TV Quiz Shows

One of the most popular long-running TV quiz shows in Britain is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? First aired in 1998, the show has had around 644 episodes aired on British television. The TV quiz show became such a significant part of popular culture that it was revived in 2018 after ending in 2014 and has also been turned into board games and video games over the years. The video game is available to play right now on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and even on mobile devices. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire later inspired an official online slot game of the same name.

TV & Film Inspired Slots

Often when a video game has been very popular, it is often later adapted into a film, such as Sonic The Hedgehog (2020), Tomb Raider (2018), and Warcraft (2016). But there are also popular films and TV shows that have been so successful that they inspired developers to turn them into games such as The Simpsons, Game Of Thrones and CSI. When it comes to slot gaming, the worlds of film and TV have been used to create a number of very popular titles, enabling fans to play along with their favourite characters and screen moments.

Comedy Films

Ted was a popular film from 2012 starring Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. The story focuses on John who lives with his childhood teddy bear that he wished would come to life. The film was so popular that later a Ted 2 film would be released a few years later. Turns out that the cuddly teddy bear character was popular enough to inspire a slot game too. The Ted slot game has a range of bonuses for players such as Wheel Of Fartune and Bar Crawl.

Netflix Crime Shows

Some of the best crime series on Netflix to watch right now include Mindhunter, Hannibal, The People v O.J Simpson: American Crime Story. Another popular Netflix crime show from a few years ago was Narcos, based on the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. NetEnt developed a themed game around the popular Netflix crime show of the same name. Narcos is a 5×3 online slot game set in 1980s Columbia and includes a range of themed bonus features.

History Inspired Slots

With a wealth of inspiration to draw from, history is another popular theme when it comes to gaming. Video game franchises such as Assassin’s Creed have taken inspiration from a variety of historical time periods, with the best Assassin’s Creed games set at various times through the ages. History is also a popular theme for casino slot games, providing plenty of opportunities for great graphics and intriguing storylines.

Ancient Egypt

There are many well-known pharaohs and queens of Egypt such as Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, and Ramses II that ruled during Egypt’s dynasties. And the combination of mystery, adventure and riches that are associated with Ancient Egypt has inspired games developers to create a number of online slot games such as Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, and Ramses’ Revenge. Egypt is a very popular game theme with players, inspiring various other slots too including Pyramidion, Eye of Horus, Legacy Of Egypt, and many more. 

Ancient Rome

Another historical time period that has been popular with video games and online slot games is Ancient Rome. Some of the most popular video games in the past have been Total War: Rome II and Ryse: Son Of Rome. Hosted in the Colosseum, armed combat was also a popular activity during some of this time period. While gladiators entertained audiences during the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic, the gladiator and Roman themes also entertain gamers in the present day too. There are a few slot games that have taken inspiration from this historical period such as Rome: The Golden Age, Spartacus: Gladiator Of Rome and Centurion.