The next episode of the Walking Dead obviously kept with the limited story players. This time we follow Gabriel and Aaron on the search for supplies. We later learn that they were given a list by Maggie of potential places. The first one we see is a burned-down house with three burned-down bodies, two adults and a young child. While moving on to the new location they come across a line of cars, Gabriel chooses to search all the cars. Sadly, everything up to that point came up empty. You can see that Aaron is getting frustrated, while Gabriel says two more.

This brings them to a small store that was boarded up, after pulling a couple of boards it is obvious that it was full of walkers. The pair killed a walker and tried to remove him from the building but it didn’t work landing the pair on their butt. Aaron notices a lawn chair hanging over the edge of the ceiling, so Gabriel climbs up to the roof. Upon the roof is a sad sight, dead bodies, a walker that is locked up against a pipe, and a painted “SAVE US” sign. Gabriel doesn’t tell Aaron what he saw on the roof, he finds the hatch into the building, kills all the walkers, and comes out saying it was not a successful trip. Aaron is at his wit’s end, he wants to give up and head back to see his daughter and to look over the hunting grounds again. Gabriel tells him that the hunting ground is used up, they just have “One More”.

Ross Marquand as Aaron – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 19 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

The last spot on Maggie’s list is a water tower, so Gabriel leads the charge to the water tower when he is pulled into a big mud puddle by a walker, making the map useless, they decide to just backtrack their steps instead of going forward with no map but a flash rainstorm ends that really quick. The two don’t really know what to do so they head back towards the water tower, but on the journey, they come across a building that wasn’t on Maggie’s map which they go in for shelter.

Inside is sort of like a warehouse, while doing a sweep Aaron comes across a boar in a locked room which he kills while screaming bloody murder. Gabriel gets a good laugh at that, and also decides that the boar is dinner, and he shows that he found some whisky for a drink.

Side note that needs to be mentioned, the whisky’s name is “Duane Jones”, which we know is the name of Morgan Jones’s son, the Morgan who is now on Fear the Walking Dead. This has sparked some speculation that perhaps it’s a little Easter egg to get you to think that Duane Jones is still alive, and might be someone alive in The Commonwealth which is something to come.

The two get pretty wasted, eating, playing some card games, just trying to find a little win after all the losses they have been taking on the road. While laying down to rest Gabriel goes on a very long epic preach session. Aaron thinks that Gabriel should preach again but Gabriel doesn’t feel like he should. Gabriel snores extremely loud, just like me and he wakes up Aaron who goes out to take a piss. Gabriel finds that Aaron was captured when he woke up in the morning. A gun-toting man was inside the warehouse and asked Gabriel what he was cooking, which Gabriel replies it’s boar, the man asked Gabriel if it was good and he would like a bite.

The two sit down, the man asked what they wanted, and Gabriel said they were looking for supplies and meant no harm. The man threw Aaron’s mace against the wall and said does this look like you didn’t mean any harm? He asks Gabriel if he thinks his gun is loaded, and Gabriel said he doesn’t know because bullets are hard to come by these days. The man sprays a bunch of bullets and then says do you think he is ok? Your friend is in there, Gabriel went towards the room and the man told him to sit down. He goes and rolls Aaron out to the table.

The man pulls a pistol out and leaves one bullet in and slams it on the table. He says you have a 1 in 6 chance, each time you get a choice, point it at yourself or at the person across the table. The winner goes home, Gabriel and Aaron both say they won’t do it, they won’t kill the other person, and how do they know that he won’t kill the survivor, the unnamed man says that they don’t. Gabriel aims at himself first, followed by Aaron aiming the gun at himself on his first turn.

After round 1 the man asks Aaron how he lost his arm, and he tells him it was in a construction accident. He follows and asks how Gabriel lost his eye, and Gabriel said it was an infection. The man got mad at the answers hoping that he heard that people turned on people. He makes Gabriel take his turn again and aims at himself. After that doesn’t go off it’s Aaron’s turn again and when he loads it you hear a click. The man says that the gun makes a different sound when the bullet loads in the chamber. Aaron tells the man that they won’t kill each other, the man tells him about how his brother screwed him over by eating the last of his food, and implied that he took care of the problem by getting rid of the family. Aaron puts it to his head after getting a countdown from the man but stops him right at the end.

Gabriel goes in on preaching to the man, the man finally lets up, takes the handgun and puts it in his belt, unties Aaron from his chair, and introduces himself as Mays. Gabriel kills Mays with Aaron’s mace arm, Gabriel says that they couldn’t take him with them, he killed his brother’s family. Aaron seems pretty shook by Gabriel and we are not sure if he can trust him. The two-pack up and are going to leave when Aaron wonders where Mays was hiding if he heard everything they were talking about last night. So the pair investigate and find a hatch up to the rafters. Up there is Mays twin brother handcuffed to two pipes, with his dead wife and daughter on a mattress on the floor.

The man is shook and says, he made me play, Gabriel takes the handcuffs off the man and he lunges and grabs the pistol from Gabriel’s belt. The pair offered to take the man with them, but Mays looks at his dead family and shoots himself in the head. Gabriel seems to have no reaction at all to what just happened, he grabs the gun, and grabs some canned goods, while Aaron is shaken yet again.

Robert Patrick as Scraggly Man, Seth Gilliam as Gabriel- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 19 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

While outside Gabriel sees the water tower in the distance, which we know was the last thing on Maggie’s map. Aaron seems annoyed but says one more as they head over towards the tower.