Fear the Walking Dead is leading fans as far away from the show as they can, while it seems leading their cast away too. With the episode right before the finale you would think you have something great happen.

You would be wrong, this show is killing me! It is in need of another change, but I’m not sure the one they are heading is the answer either. Our group is on the move again after the meetup with Virginia, they are looking for a place to finally settle down, despite as has been covered, passing up great places already, or at the very least places to stay temporarily, while smaller groups run out to find better options.

Tom finds his sister, the same sister who almost killed herself earlier, to a little happy reunion from getting away from Virginia. He fills her in on what the group is about, while elsewhere Althea sees that Virginia took their idea of making videos and used that to try to show how great their group is, and all the places they saved, even though it’s all a lie. Althea formulates a new plan to launch an updated video to show the truth and what their group is about. Tom really takes to the idea and wants to record this new video.

While at their temporary makeshift camp, Dwight is keeping watch and kills a walker, he sees that it has a badge on it. He takes it off and it says, Humbug’s Gulch, John knows that they are closer to the original Humbug Gulch then he thought and with the big bison fence that can keep walkers out, and as we know from earlier the layouts are all the same and are intended to be self sufficient.


Here comes the asshole brigade. Photo Credit: Van Resin/AMC

The group sets out, they get to an old bridge, the big rig won’t make it across, Dwight is watching out for everyone again and sees Virginia and her group coming in hot. Virginia tells the group they have been following them, and willing to help, but Morgan and company refuse to, so Virginia shoots a bunch of bullets in the air to attract the walkers. Virginia and company leave, Strand, Morgan and some others are fighting off the walkers, while others are getting people over the bridge and taking buckets of gas at a time to fill vehicles on the other side. Tom wants to keep filming for some reason, and he trips on the bridge and falls, the truck and walkers fall through the bridge. He ends up having a selfie death, and he deserved it sorry to say.

Everyone else heads to Humbug Gulch, and of course, the place is overrun, but it is suspiciously overrun in my opinion. How is the place full of walkers but all locked inside? For some reason this group doesn’t want to try to fight the walkers themselves even though they have a large amount of people. Dwight wants no part of what they are going to do next and he decides to leave on his own, saying he has walked farther. With no big disagreements, Morgan ends up calling Virginia asking for help. WTF!?