My Eleven Favorite Characters in the DuckTales Reboot

Okay, so I swore that I was done hyping up the end of DuckTales, and the finale airs tonight. However, I couldn’t help myself from doing one last post gushing about how great this reboot has been. I’ve talked about my favorite episodes. I pointed out some of the most noteworthy guest stars. Heck, I gave examples of why the reboot’s a love letter to the Disney Afternoon of the 90s. But the one thing that I haven’t talked about? Who my favorite characters are.

It wasn’t easy, but I was able to figure out who my favorite members of the cast of DuckTales are. From the bravest to the smartest to the ones that will make me laugh, here are my eleven favorite characters from the 2017 DuckTales.

And just to be fair, this isn’t going to be ranked. I love them all.

Dr. Gyro Gearloose

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Fans of the original DuckTales will remember Dr. Gearloose, Scrooge’s genius yet somewhat absentminded inventor. Here’s what he’s like in the reboot:

This isn’t out of context

Rather than being an absentminded genius, this incarnation of Gearloose’s an insufferably arrogant mad scientist. While no one truly questions his intellect and capabilities, his inventions have a track record of gaining sentience and then turning evil. Though as he argues, only half of them turn evil, with the rest being “wildly misunderstood.” While his short temper, condescending attitude, and lack of social skills don’t help matters (no matter how hilarious they are), deep down, Gyro’s still a good person. He’s just misunderstood, as well.

What, don’t believe me? In Season Three, it’s shown that he was more like his 1987 counterpart in terms of personality. However, when his mentor reprogrammed his first great invention into a weapon behind his back, the experience turned him jaded and cynical. Fortunately for everyone, he learned the truth about what happened and starts to make small strides to improve himself. It still doesn’t change the fact that watching him freak out is hilarious.

Donald Duck

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He’s one of the most famous ducks in the world, has anger issues that rival the Hulk, and seems cursed to be Disney’s go-to butt-monkey. No matter what version it is, these are all traits that can accurately describe Donald Duck. Whereas in most cases, this gets played for laughs, the show goes out of its way to show how much of a negative impact it’s had on his life. His quacky voice gets treated as a speech impediment in the show. Thus, few people understand or take him seriously. Coupled with his bad luck and legendary temper, and he can’t even hold down a stable job for long. Then, to make things worse, Donald has to deal with the lasting emotional trauma that came from his sister going missing in space for ten years.

Despite how bad things in life have been, though, Donald refuses to stay down. He poured his heart into raising his nephews despite their less-than-ideal circumstances, which they all deeply appreciate and consider him a worthwhile parent for. And despite still retaining his legendarily bad luck, good things start to happen to Donald. He reconciles with Scrooge and becomes more accepting of his family’s love for adventure. He manages to get his sister back. And did I mention he got a girlfriend in the form of Daisy Duck. Good things are bound to happen if you keep trying, and this version of Donald is proof of that.

Huey Duck

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Do you know what I hate most about the original DuckTales? I could never tell the triplets apart. They may have worn different colored clothes, but with their personalities and voices being exactly the same, they may as well have been one character. Thankfully, the reboot fixes all these problems by giving the Duck Boys different appearances, personalities, and voice actors. And I sincerely hope Disney opts to keep this after the show’s ended because they’re way more interesting this way.

First up among the Duck Boys, we have Huey Duck. The oldest triplet by about three seconds, Huey’s first defined by two things: the fact that he’s the only one who kept his hat, and the only one still devoted to the Junior Woodchucks. Actually, he carries his Junior Woodchuck guidebook around like a Bible, and he uses it as a guideline for essentially everything in his life.

As a result, Huey’s the most level-headed and analytical of his brothers, able to piece together puzzles and clues very effectively. I other words, he’s “smarter than the smarties.” However, his adherence to the rules and logic causes him to suffer from a lack of creativity. And more importantly, he bottles up a lot of pent-up anger. Fortunately, over the course of the series, Huey’s learned to not always rely on his mind and that sometimes, the best option is to trust your gut and emotions. Also, he’s every bit as threatening as Donald is when he’s angry.

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Lena Sabrewing (Formerly De Spell)

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Now, this is a character that I never thought I’d become so attached to. An original creation of the reboot (sort of), Lena is first introduced as a rebellious loner and troublemaker that strikes up a friendship with Webby and the boys. What none of them know, though, is that she’s actually the niece of Scrooge’s greatest enemy, Magica De Spell. Sort of. When Scrooge last bested Magica, she used her powers to give her shadow a physical form to serve as a means to gain her revenge. In exchange, Magica would grant her her freedom. While she initially befriended Webby as a means to an end, Lena would grow to genuinely care for Webby, leading her to turn on her abusive Aunt Magica and helping the Duck family take her down. From then on, she’s been a firm ally of the heroes.

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Not only is Lena’s character loads of fun due to her snarky attitude, but I love her character growth. All too often in real life, children who live under the care of an abusive parental figure will grow up with all sorts of emotional problems that can negatively impact them. However, through Lena, we see someone who finds people who genuinely care about her and are willing to help her stand up to her Aunt Magica. As a result, she stops being Magica’s shadow and becomes her own person, free to choose how she wants to live her life. Not to mention, she’s got some pretty badass magical powers using the power of friendship. Friendship is magic; who knew?

Louie Duck

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The youngest of the brothers, Louie Duck’s the one people consider to be the “evil triplet.” That includes himself, and he certainly lives up to the moniker. The most cunning of the triplets, Louie is a schemer, can see all the angles and come up with plans to end up on top. Or, as Scrooge puts it, Louie’s capable of being “sharper than the sharpies.” Scrooge has even gone so far as to say that Louie could one day surpass him as a businessman. As a result, Louie’s made it his goal in life to build his own fortune and become even bigger than Scrooge.

Unfortunately for Louie, he’s his own worst enemy. For a long time, his willingness to take shortcuts to success would end up backfiring on him. Hard. Fortunately, Louie eventually gets a badly-needed lesson in humility that teaches him that there are no true shortcuts to wealth and success and that he has to put in the hard work for it.

While I don’t approve of how lazy Louie can be, I enjoy seeing his sense of wit and sarcasm in action. And considering how he was able to con all of Scrooge’s enemies out of their money with little effort, I’d say Scrooge’s assessment of him is very accurate. However, no matter how greedy he gets, Louie will always put his family’s safety before personal gain. And if anyone’s dumb enough to try and mess with his family, then he won’t hesitate to mess with them back.

Flintheart Glomgold

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He’s been called the poor man’s Scrooge. Considering that this still makes him the second richest duck in the world, this is still saying something about Flintheart Glomgold. Loud, boisterous, and arrogant as hell, Flintheart remains committed to one thing and one thing alone: being better than Scrooge by any means necessary. Fortunately, his insistence on making his schemes needlessly complicated, and his own stupidity, mean that they all end up backfiring on him. And when I say it’s fortunate, I mean because seeing his plans blow up in his face is absolutely hilarious to watch.

While it’s easy to write Flintheart off as a comedic villain, Flintheart’s proven to be a very cunning villain. In one instance, he came close to driving Scrooge nuts by stealing some pocket change from his Money Bin; had he not shot himself in the foot with his complexity addiction, he might have gotten away with it, too. Regardless of his success rate, Flinty’s probably my favorite villain on the show. He’s just so much fun to watch that I can’t help but love him!

Della Duck

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Before I watched the reboot of DuckTales, I never even heard of the mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Almost no one had heard of her, actually. Which only made her inclusion in the reboot all the more important, it marks the first time most people would ever hear of Della Duck.

Before her kids hatched, Della spent her days adventuring with her Uncle Scrooge and brother Donald. However, her decision to take an untested rocket into orbit led to her going missing and presumed dead by everyone. It’s not until the end of the first season that fans learn that Della survived for years on the Moon trying to get back to Earth. It takes a while, but eventually, she succeeds, leading to one of the most tear-filled reunions I’ve seen in recent years. Since then, Della’s become a major character in the show, wasting no time in rejoining her family on their many adventures.

I think Della was one of the series best characters, if not the best. Considering how the show had to build her from the ground up, I think that’s saying something. On the one hand, Della’s confident, resourceful, determined, and just an all-around great person. At the same time, she’s not perfect, and people both in the show and in real life recognize that. Hell, it’s even acknowledged that it was her own largely impulsive actions that led to her being stuck in space. Still, it’s her flaws that helped endear her to fans. In addition, the fact that she’s an amputee has led her to be a positive role model for children with disabilities. Disney, once the show’s over, keep using Della Duck. We’re not ready to say goodbye to her yet!

Webby Vanderquack

If there was a character from the original show that needed an overhaul, it was Webby Vanderquack. Introduced in the 1987 cartoon, Webby was meant to be the token girl amongst the main cast. Why? Because marketing demanded that Disney shoehorn a girl in, even if she would just turn out to be a tag-along to the others. Obviously, that wasn’t going to fly in the 21st century, so Webby got redone from the ground up. THANK GOD, TOO.

Unlike her younger, 1987 version, this Webby is a tomboy and full-on badass. Having grown up in McDuck Manor all her life, Webby was raised by her grandmother (who’s now an ex-spy) and trained in the art of kicking ass. As a result, she’s not only able to regularly go on adventures with Scrooge and his family, but she can even outshine them at times. The downside to this is that her lack of experience around people has left her social skills with a lot o be desired. Thankfully, the arrival of the Duck Boys gives her the chance to have the friends she’s always dreamed of.

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I’ll be blunt: I adore the new Webby and think that she’s one of the best things about the show. I’m also well aware that Disney purposefully designed to be the opposite of what she was in the original show. This isn’t just an isolated decision, either. A lot of the female leads in Disney’s recent shows have a strong and independent streak in them, from Mabel Pines right up to Luz Noceda. But you know what? I don’t care. This Webby is awesome, and I want Disney to keep using her more after the show ends.

Dewey Duck

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Now we get to my absolute favorite of the triplets, Dewey Duck. He’s the middle-child of the trio, with all the issues that go with it. His dew-termination to stand out from the crowd has led him to develop an adventurous, self-confident, and utterly fearless personality. As a result, he’s the one who’s tougher than the toughies, great at improvising and thinking on his feet, and the most naturally suited to being an adventurer.

While there’s no denying that Dewey’s got the makings of a great explorer, the show makes it clear that he has his own flaws to deal with. His determination, combined with his impulsivity, has put him and his family in potentially life-threatening situations several times. In addition, his showboating and need for attention can override his common sense. Like his brothers, though, Dewey learns to acknowledge his flaws and work to overcome them. While he does become less impulsive, though, his attention-grabbing tendencies remain as great as ever.

I can’t exactly describe what it is I like about Dewey Duck so much. It could be because of his childishness and sense of showboating. It could be because I like Ben Schwatz’s voice for him. Or maybe it’s because Dewey’s just that awesome. Regardless, Dewey Duck’s my favorite of the Duck Boys, and the one I would love to hang out with the most.

Scrooge McDuck

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What list wouldn’t be complete without the man that makes DuckTales possible, Scrooge McDuck? Now, I could talk about how obscenely rich Scrooge is, but I’m not going to. I could talk about he’s traveled to other dimensions, bested legendary monsters, and is acquainted with various gods and spirits, but I’m not going to. I could gush about how he’s now voiced by an actual Scotsman. And not just any Scotsman, but David Tennant, famous for his role as the Tenth Doctor. But I’m not going to. Because none of that would do any justice to how amazing Scrooge is as a character in this show.

While Scrooge was, and always will be, defined by his love of money, the show makes it clear that there’s something he values even more: his family. Scrooge loves adventuring, and when Donald and Della showed the same aptitude for it as kids, he loved being able to take them with him and teach them everything he knew. It made him happier than he probably ever felt in his life. This only made it harder for him when their luck finally ran out with Della’s disappearance. The fact that he nearly bankrupted himself trying to find her is a testament to how much he loves his family, to no avail. As a result, he becomes as bitter and miserly as his namesake by the time the pilot starts.

DuckTales isn’t just a story about family. It’s a story about how Scrooge learns to let his family into his life again and to move on from his past trauma. Having his great-nephews in his life reignited his passion for life, and with Della’s eventual return, he’s probably happier than he’s ever been before. Also, he’s Scrooge McDuck.

DuckTales Will Continue!

Before you guys head out, I thought that you should know something. Despite DuckTales the show coming to an end, Disney’s not done with it yet. Earlier this week, it was announced that the cast would be continuing the show in the form of a podcast. Starting March 29th, we can enjoy this hilarious podcast hosted by Huey Duck, This Duckburg Life. This gives me hope that we’ll continue to hear from the world of the show for years to come, which makes the series finale much more bearable in comparison.

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