Sometimes being the leader is the worst, because you actually have to lead, and that can be the scariest part since their is no such thing as an instruction manual for this. In the Kingdom we see a flashback, where Ezekiel has short hair, and is getting into his character. Outside the soldiers are all saying goodbyes to their loves ones. Ezekiel and Shiva come through, they all gather around Ezekiel as he gives an inspirational speech to rally everyone. We come back to present day where a number of Ezekiel’s dead soldiers are on top of him. Ezekiel is able to wiggle his way out from under the dead bodies as he gets to survey the damage. A number of the soldiers start to rise up as walkers coming after Ezekiel.

Inside, after destroying the Kingdom’s soldiers, they start packing up the guns to get to the Sanctuary. Carol is inside the building and knows what is going on and hides. She ends up hiding inside the ceiling panels and waits for the Saviors to come into the room and kills the 5 Saviors. She comes down towards the guns when more Saviors rush into the room, Carol escapes. The Saviors decide they will just get the guns instead of chase after her.

Outside, Ezekiel is scooting himself away from the walkers to safety, when one of his soldiers comes to his rescue. He helps get Ezekiel up and they start making towards safety, when a Savior comes out of nowhere and shoots him killing him. The Savior starts to escort Ezekiel away, saying they will get in a vehicle and leave, the Savior gives the verbal beat down to Ezekiel. Telling him that everyone knows he was a zoo keeper, and is just a con man who had a good thing going for him. The people followed him, grew him food, built him a wall, even in death they follow him.

Carol’s fight with the Saviors takes it’s way outside, she is pinned down behind a vehicle. The Saviors are raining down bullets at her like crazy. After a little gunfight, Carol decides to try to play the game with the Saviors, pretending to surrender to try to save herself. She was able to use it to turn the tables and open a gate so some walkers could kill some of the Saviors. Carol is able to get the last two Saviors pinned behind a jeep. She is forced to make a tough choice.

Ezekiel is still being escorted by the Savior but Ezekiel makes his move and is able to cut the stomach of the Savior. He says that Negan wanted him chained to the fence at the sanctuary, but having his head on a pike will be good too. Jerry comes from behind and flays the man in half in an awesome fit of rage. Jerry is going to try to protect the king, he goes to the fence and tries to break the chain. He isn’t able to break it with his kick ass ax, so him and Ezekiel gear up for their last stand. Jerry thanks Ezekiel for being a cool dude.

We have a flashback to the Kingdom, where Ezekiel and Carol talk about his Ezekiel was a zookeeper. Shiva was in need of help, and nobody knew what to do with such a large beast. Ezekiel decided that he wanted to be the type of person who would leap in to save the beast. He said that if you are asked to be the hero, be the hero. He asked if Carol was always this way or decided to be, she says she decided to be, and life decided some things too. We come back to present and Carol decides to leave the two Saviors and rushes to go and save Ezekiel and Jerry from the other side of the fence. She lays out walkers with gunfire, and has a key to open the lock. Ezekiel is worried that the Saviors are able to take the guns and leave, but Carol said their isn’t a choice. Ezekiel says that they need to get word to Rick and Daryl, but Carol hears Daryl’s motorcycle and knows they are on the chase.

Daryl and Rick are in separate vehicles chasing after the two Saviors. One Savior has the gun loaded in the back of the jeep, and shoots bullets at Daryl who drops the bike. Rick closes in after Daryl goes down, but gunfire hits the jeep, it should have just destroyed the jeep, but we continue, it hits the engine where Rick knows he is on borrowed time. Daryl is back in the fight and after Rick has to move to the side, Daryl comes back and kills the guy in the back of the jeep.

Rick pushes forward again and gets his vehicle to the side of the Saviors vehicle. He gets close, jumps into the other jeep, and stabs the driver. He holds the wheel causing it to crash, Rick jumps out and the jeep goes down a ravine. Daryl catches back up again, finds Rick in the bushes and after talking a little smack to each other they decide to go down to see if the driver in the jeep is alive.

Walkers are hot on the trail of Ezekiel who is really hurt, Jerry and Carol. They are running out of ammo, and Ezekiel is slowing everyone down. He tells the others to go on without him he is just holding them up. Naturally they refuse, the trio gets a toxic filled walker pit, the three make the way through the pit, but Ezekiel is struggling, he finally stops and tells the others to just leave he will hold them off. Jerry says he won’t because you’re my king. Ezekiel is emotional and says he is not a king, he is nothing. While Ezekiel is trying to fight off the walkers, Shiva makes her return, she jumps into the pit and starts to attack the walkers, the walkers are to many and she ends up sacrificing herself so the others can escape. The 3 wounded warriors make their way back to the Kingdom, battered, beaten, and defeated. None of the 3 say a word, along with nobody from the Kingdom, they all have the defeated look on their faces knowing what sadly happened.