In any gaming opportunity launched for player entertainment, there needs to be certain aspects of the gaming that keep players entertained and willing to engage continuously. Rewards and schemes within games are a way to keep players hooked in the system of gaming, because essentially you will be having something to work towards and keep you motivated. This kind of incentive approach is being used pretty much everywhere, believe it or not, even in the online gambling world, and it has been proven to have worked. You can get different types of rewards for different games, like a casino bonus for online casinos, to allow you to play with more. 

Some games will re-engage their community of players, by ensuring that they have a communal system to allow social interaction and a base where people can interact with one another. Interaction stimulates the game to greater climbs and mimics that of reality, which players do actually like for example. 

There are many tools and compelling offers that are used within the gaming world, to compel and push the player for continued support. These are actually called appointment mechanics, and they follow a schedule of things to consider as show down below:

  • Time intervals of incentives that refresh on a regular basis such as hourly, weekly and monthly for example. This keeps the players coming back to make sure they receive such rewards.
  • The rewards could involve a task that players must complete and therefore, only then will there be compensation for the efforts of the player.
  • There also could be a calendar where players could login in, so they are aware of their daily tasks, rewards potential, meaning players will keep logging into the game every single day.
  • There will be a question of what rewards they will receive. Some games give all that away, while others do not at all.

Some of the top grossing games of the market today across the iOS software, that follow the genres of racing, sports, casino and battle strategy, will appoint these game mechanics features that both are similar and different from what is available on the market.  Each category/genre will often appoint their gaming mechanics in a systematic way, per genre, so that their players can easily distinguish and differentiate, theme from theme. It makes complete sense, as most gamers come into new games with some experience and knowledge from the other games that they have played. Below are the examples of what game mechanics to expect per category.

Appointment mechanics per game category 

Casual gaming

Casual gaming from the Game refinery figures, showed that a majority of games within this category would receive daily appointment of free rewards and game mechanics. In fact, a total of 79% of games actually had appointed this preferred method. The second most popular usage of mechanics was in fact the daily progression of a reward based on completed tasks. So, again daily, yet players will need to work for it, if they are hoping for some kind of gift and incentive here.

Sports gaming

Of course, this category is generally anything sports and car racing related. Again, with this category, the daily free gift reward is actually of a higher prevalence percentage wise. It is common that 88% of games will feature the daily gift system, so it would make complete sense that players would be nudged into making sure they log into and claim their said benefits. 

Daily quests were another popular mechanic introduced within the games. These bad boys will make players complete a task, before they can have the slightest hint of a reward. Often this can be the most productive of the game initiatives as players have to work for their reward and that is more entertaining overall really.

Casino gaming

Casino gaming is another example of how daily awards can be received, should they engage with the casino platform to a certain degree. We often see VIP schemes for example, where players will need to make sure to invest a degree of their own real money and time, to have the privilege of gaining something back from the gaming system. Newer casinos on the market however, do employ daily quests and schemes that players can engage with, to get something rare and different to what every day usual players would receive for example. The ‘elite’ proposition of this, is what makes casinos so popular and in demand as we see today. Despite the market being extremely saturated. Bring in schemes and the gaming will be wild and in demand!

Battle strategy gaming

Battle strategy games have been on the market for quite a while now. There is no doubt about that. You will find that these games thrive when players are given tasks, and goals to strive towards. For example, you are building your empire, like in the game Age of Empires for example, and you have to complete certain strategic tasks that will help your empire flourish in the long term. There you will be sure of receiving something that will benefit your gaming progress in the long term, be it financial aid for your empire within the game etc. It’s a very clever system to keep players logging in and remain active. If players have everything at once, it will most certainly not be as fun then and things could turn rather boring, quite quickly.


It is very obvious that daily gift systems for the appointment mechanics are by far the most beneficial when it comes to gaming. This is the most prominent choice of rewards system that gaming platforms provide to players. When players have a task at hand that they must complete before being given their incentives, it gives them motivation to continue and grow their gaming platform further, with even greater enthusiasm. Operating by a calendar system is great and efficient as players are able to plan the long term of their status within a game, and obviously keep logging in and coming back for more. If players have a goal to work for, they will retain their gaming experience for longer.