Lately, it has become challenging to find multiplayer console games. Gears 5 was terrific, as is the Borderlands series. However, there are only so many times I can recommend these games to other people. That is why I have spent the last few weeks scouring the internet and various gaming stores to find something new to share with all of you, which led me to Journey to the Savage Planet.

Journey to the Savage Planet
Source: Journey to the Savage Planet

The Premise

Journey to the Savage Planet is a satirical game that mocks commercialism in all the right ways. Players are the latest recruit for the Kindred Aerospace program, known as the fourth-best Interstellar Exploration Company. Their job is to explore the planet ARY-26 to determine if it is safe for human colonization. This is done by cataloging and sampling the various flora and fauna. After a crash landing, a crippling lack of resources, and an unexpected twist, the astronaut is left to their own devices with only the voice of EKO, the spaceship babysitter, to keep them sane. With this in mind, let us explore my experience of Journey to the Savage Planet.

The Experience

After downloading Journey to the Savage Planet, I was immediately met with contrasting visuals. Vibrant cartoony colors clashed against the physical images of humans. At first, it was unsettling; however, I found it charming once I got used to the experience. Martin Tweed, the CEO of Kindred Aerospace, gave a brief introduction to my current mission. I quickly discovered that I was only armed with bait and my fists, but after a bit of exploration, EKO taught me how to build weapons via the onboard 3D printer. Overall, Journey to the Savage Planet was not too difficult to figure out.

I played this game over online multiplayer with my husband, and it was more fun than expected. Sure the trailer intrigued us, but several personal touches impressed us. The first being that characters can slap each other, like in Little Big Planet. My character slapped my husband’s character more times than I will ever admit, yet each time made me laugh harder than the last. Second, we enjoyed sampling hallucinogenic fruits that nearly made us fall off the map. Finally, almost dying at the wings of adorable Puffbirds was also a hoot. In the end, we honestly had a wonderful time playing Journey to the Savage Planet.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Journey to the Savage Planet was an enjoyable experience. While we played it on Xbox One and X, gamers can play it on various other systems, including PC via Steam or Epic Games, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Simultaneously, Journey to the Savage Planet may not be suitable for all gamers due to the T rating. I can undoubtedly say it has been added to my collection of favorite multiplayer games. Overall, I cannot recommend this game enough.