Coral Island is a farming simulator inspired by Harvest Moon and other classics in the genre, that are currently in the works. Players can expect to grow crops, raise adorable animals, and befriend villagers. However, several aspects of Coral Island make it stand out from other games in the genre. Everything from farming and exploration to romancing the locals has a new twist that everyone is sure to love.

Coral Island
Source: Coral Island Kickstarter [Stairway Games]


Seventy-five crops can be planted and harvested, including classics such as strawberries and sunflowers and exotic species native to Asia. There are a variety of trees one can grow, such as durian or mango. There are even plants that are bi-seasonal, which I have never seen before. If ranching is more your style, you can raise coop animals such as quails or barn animals like Luwak. There are also more traditional animals such as chickens and cows. Overall, farming life has received a massive upgrade in Coral Island.


When players are not busy on the farm, they can also explore the coral reef and abandoned caverns. Into the depths of the ocean, players can clean up trash, find rare fish, and even forage kelp to improve the quality of crops and livestock. This is done when players bring kelp to the lab, which can then be processed into seeds, fodder, bait, and more. The mines are used to find minerals that upgrade tools; however, future residents of Starlet Town should be aware of the dangers lurking in the darkness. In the end, exploration is critical in the world of Coral Island.


The sense of community is overwhelmingly positive in Coral Island. Players can build up the town via community projects and join in local festivals. Each season brings two festivals for everyone to take some time to relax. Romance 16 bachelors and bachelorettes, regardless of gender, even have a child while taking down the evil Pufferfish Drilling Corp. Overall, there is a little something for everyone in Coral Island.

My Thoughts

The Kickstarter for Coral Island was funded in less than 36 hours, with a few days left in the campaign. Aside from the new features, this game has added to the genre; I must commend the diversity of the townsfolk. It was also wonderful to see the overwhelmingly positive support from the community. In the end, almost all the stretch goals have been achieved, and I genuinely am excited to see where Coral Island takes the framing sim genre.