Offline tournaments are competitions, which are hosted in a particular venue. They occupy a certain area. In the past, it was computer clubs where fans were staying behind esportsmen but now, everything has changed.

Now, offline tournaments, which are frequently called LANs, take place in big stadiums or special sports arenas. Such venues have become an essential attribute of esports competitions. Big events attract many viewers to the arenas and are covered by many portals like TGON. The numbers can compete with regular sports.

There are very many esports stadiums all over the world now. Part of them is used for different events, including competitions. The majority of such venues are located in the USA. Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries are not staying too far from them.

Why are offline tournaments necessary?

Previously, the Internet was not that developed. Its speed and accessibility were way lower. So organizers had to host competitions in a particular place, gathering all the participants in one venue. With the development of the Internet, there is no such need.

But offline competitions have not disappeared. First of all, LAN tournaments exclude cheaters. Plus, it is complicated to host matches between different regions on the Internet. Ping from Europe to America is pretty uncomfortable. It will be even more difficult to connect Asia or any other region. This situation often makes players play tournament qualifiers inside their region, and organizers host the competition in a venue. 

And we can’t forget about the spectators. Of course, the majority of them will prefer watching matches online, but many of them are ready to visit a competition personally. This allows organizers to cover the expenses with ticket sales and other offers for fans.

Big stadiums in esports

Many various arenas are used in esports. The following stadiums can be noticed among the biggest ones:

  • Indoor Stadium.

It is a part of the giant complex Singapore Sports Hub. The stadium is a multifunctional sports center. Different-level competitions take place there. Besides, entertaining events are frequently hosted at the stadium. The stadium includes 12 000 spectators. This number can be changed with the modular system of the tribunes. It is also equipped with a roof.

  • Jeunesse Arena.

It is a multi-purpose arena with a closed roof. It includes 15 to 18 thousand viewers. Sports and entertaining events are hosted there. The 2016 Olympics took place at the arena.

  • Sangam Stadium.

The stadium in South Korea was built for the World Cup. It includes 66 000 spectators. Since then, many sports tournaments and concerts have taken place there. The venue joined the ranks of the esports ones in 2014, having hosted the LoL Worlds.

  • Commerzbank Arena.

The arena built to seat 50 000 viewers is a home venue for the football club. This fact does not stop from using the venue for esports tournaments, mainly by ESL. Also, the arena is equipped with an esports study center.

  • Banc of California Stadium.

The stadium consisting of 22 000 viewers was used for the biggest Fortnite tournament. It is worth noting the good location because the E3 gaming exhibition is hosted a few kilometers from the arena.

Which stadiums will host the next big tournaments?

Everyone is waiting for autumn in Dota 2. At this time of year, the long-awaited The International 2022 will take place in Singapore. Indoor Stadium, which was mentioned above, will host it. And CS:GO fans are waiting for the start of the new Major. The tournament called Intel Extreme Masters XVII – Rio Major 2022 will be carried out in Brazil. Jeunesse Arena will be a venue for it. You can also read more about this arena here.


Experts are waiting for the growth of the esports property market. Many arenas and other venues are being built for it now. Lots of current stadiums have already been re-equipped for esports.

It is complicated to form one portrait of a mobile gamer. Many prefer just to get away from reality on their smartphones, doing other duties at the same time. A part of players, instead, is seriously fond of mobile gaming and participates in prestigious tournaments with big prizes. CODM World Championship 2022 will be the next one where almost 2 000 000 dollars will be up for grabs.