When I am scrolling around on Reddit, my favorite sub to traverse is r/indiegaming. It is always a treat to see what games people are bringing to life and the feedback gamers are willing to give. In fact, Reddit has led me to several fascinating discoveries, like Coral Island. However, today we will be exploring the fantasy RPG genre with none other than, The Bloodline.

the bloodline
Source: @ShieldBearerDev [The Bloodline Twitter]

The Premise

In The Bloodline, players immerse themselves in the land of Eudros as a descendant of the Harbingers. This family was gifted blood from a god, giving the linage visions of the future. The god saw endless visions of a future wracked with ruin and death at the hands of the Unforgiven. These evil invaders were set on overthrowing Eudros and bringing an end to the Harbingers’ bloodline. Unfortunately, seven centuries have passed since the announcement of impending doom, and society has moved on. That is, until one day when the visions return to the player. While the job is straightforward, unite the kingdoms and destroy the Unforgiven, going about this is at the discretion of the player. Overall, The Bloodline has a strong plot full of potential.

Demo Gameplay

I have been following The Bloodline’s story for a while now on Reddit. Upon hearing the release of the demo for the Steam Game Festival, I was ecstatic. The only reason I had yet to share this game was that I wanted to savor the moment without feeling rushed. After booting up the demo, I launched the character creation. There is a surprising number of ways for players to make their avatars, ranging from hairstyles to face shape. After creating the perfect tough chick, the game began. I was in a coliseum of sorts fighting goblins with my trusty pickaxe. It was exhilarating to “poke” wave after wave of enemies, especially after the wait. In the end, I cannot say enough good things about this game; everything from the graphics to the storyline is phenomenal.

Odds and Ends

The Bloodline is currently in the works for PC on Steam, with no specific release date. If you want to get some of the inside scoops from the solo-developer themselves, Shieldbearer Studios, their subreddit is chock-full of posts. They are highly active online and love chatting it up with fans. Overall, The Bloodline is a game worth waiting for, in my humble opinion.