Before Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, Owlchemy Labs brought us a different kind of simulator. Trapped by the negligence of a flight company, six strangers must struggle for survival on an unfamiliar island far from civilization. Dyscourse is simple but satisfying online game most players with a computer will be able to play.

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Photo Source :Dyscourse – Owlchemy Labs (Developer) – Owlchemy Labs (Publisher)

The unique art style is the first thing you will notice when you begin playing. The layout of each scene is clear and while it does not use complex images, it is still appealing to the eye. Last time we played the game however, we encountered some problems with the sound in the beginning. We are unsure if this was a problem exclusive to us or if this is this is a problem with the game in general. Either way the issue was resolved after some time.

The controls are basic as you only need to select choices from text boxes (as shown in the image below) and walk around the area. Since we experienced no problems with the control’s functions, this aspect of the game is favorable.

Game-play is short but the game has the characteristics that make you want to replay it multiple times. If you are the type of gamer who only plays a game once regardless then you may find issues with buying this game but it really does have a good replay drive behind it.

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Photo Source :Dyscourse – Owlchemy Labs (Developer) – Owlchemy Labs (Publisher)

As far as characters go, this game apparently drew the short end of the stick. You will find most of the characters are eccentric to a point that you will not establish any sort of connection to them. While your character lacks a sense of real personality, the others are brimming with negative traits that you eventually will find irritating (especially Teddy). Your goal is to save as many of the survivors as possible but at some point you may find this hard as all of them rely on you to take care of them with your choices and this may come at personal sacrifice.

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Photo Source :Dyscourse – Owlchemy Labs (Developer) – Owlchemy Labs (Publisher)

While this game may not get your adrenaline pumping, it is certainly not boring. There are plenty of scenarios and puzzles you will need to figure out that involve action (like in the above image). Based off your choices you will either be able to access certain areas and accomplish certain goals but like most choice-matter games, multiple play-throughs are the only way to concur everything on the island.

Dyscourse is well depicted and offers a decent quality of entertainment to the player. We would recommend this game to most indie players looking for a regular night in.

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Photo Source :Dyscourse – Owlchemy Labs (Developer) – Owlchemy Labs (Publisher)

If you have a genuine love for indie video games and their creators then you will love the DLC Indie Island. This DLC puts you through similar straits but the difference, aside from story lines, is the fact that you are surrounded by indie game developers. It is a fun addition that some may find humorous.

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