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Chernobog, usually spelled Czernobog, is a Slavic god whose name translates to Black God. You cannot tell Czernobog’s story without telling Belobog’s. They make up both halves of a whole. Belobog’s name translates to White God. One is usually worshiped with the other. These are also Gods that there is little left to learn from. The Christianisation of the Slavic countries destroyed much of their writing and silenced their oral tradition.

Czernobog and Belobog are supreme polar opposites. The Slavs did not see black as evil or white as good. However, the twins always stand on the opposite side of things. It is unclear if the ancient Slavs believed this way or if it was changed to be more in tune with the change in spiritual beliefs across the countries but Czernobog is associated with death, overall calamity, and misfortune. Belobog is generally associated with light and goodness.

I cannot, as I have in the past, tell you the lineage of these two Gods. That information has been lost because of conquerors. Even the Cults are long since gone. As a person who loves learning mythology and magick, it saddens me when I cannot give you more information.

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