*Spoiler warning for iZombie, season 5, episode 10.

Liv on iZombie

Liv on private investigator brain on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

To nuke or not to nuke the city of Seattle, that is the question on the US government’s mind this episode of iZombie. After last episode’s zombie attack perpetrated by Dolly Durkins’ (Jennifer Irwin) CHICS, people aren’t so keen on trusting zombies anymore. In other news, Liv finally finds out that it was her father who created the tainted Utopium that created zombies. This noir themed episode may not be as intense as some other episodes this season, but it certainly has some key plot points.

First up, the murder victim this episode is a private investigator named Frank Chisel (Dwayne Martyn), hence the noir theme complete with black and white lighting and Liv talking in a slow deep voice the entire episode. Not my favorite theme yet, but it’s creative. It appears the hooker he was trying to contact, Bunny (Jasmine Vega), was killed as well. When Blaine realizes it was the waitress who found the victim, Jane (Hanneke Talbot), who killed them both, he kills her and eats her brain for clues. It turns out Jane had figured out that Chisel had been bringing Bunny one of the cures which her rich dad outside of Seattle brought for her after tracking her down. To get the cure so she could sell it, Jane killed Bunny and Chisel. Blaine and Liv both go searching for the cure since Jane hadn’t gotten the chance to sell it, but they don’t find it.

In the midst of their race for the cure, the two throw down in the middle of the kitchen of the Scratching Post – now rebranded as Don E Be Goodz. I never thought this show was missing anything but now I realize, it was Liv kicking Blaine’s ass. It turns out Chisel had stashed the cure in the pocket of a coat that he dropped off at the dry cleaners.

Long time hooker on the show, Candy (Carrie Anne Fleming), figures out that the dry cleaning ticket had been left for Bunny to go pick up the cure. She figures it out and gets to the cure before the police do, and she hops on the back of the motorcycle of some guy – incidentally Blaine’s head smuggler for Freylich brains – and finally makes her escape. While Ravi and Liv are bummed about losing the cure, I have to say, if anyone deserved an escape from this zombie Seattle life, it was Candy.

Meanwhile, Liv confronts her father about having created zombis. He admits to it, but tells her he doesn’t remember the recipe that created the tainted Utopium, which Ravi needs for his cure. Martin then goes to Ravi the next day to see if both of them working together could figure out the recipe. That’s when Ravi tells him about how Max Rager (haven’t heard that name on iZombie in a while) effects zombies. As we know Martin’s a bad dude, and he uses this information to have his guys steal Max Rager from Filmore Graves.

Major catches one of Martin’s guys at it, but it’s too late. Martin had already built up a supply. This does clue Major off though that someone is pulling the strings. He thought it was Justin, but since Justin is dead, Major finally realizes he has competition. Martin injects the Max Rager into the starving zombies who are living in his basement, and finds that it is the secret ingredient to get the zombies to do whatever Martin tells them to do.

When Ravi puts together all the pieces and realizes that Martin must be up to something, he and Liv go to Martin’s house to investigate. They find what they think is tainted Utopium and the starving zombies. Someone appears to come home before they could make their getaway however, and at the end of the episode, they are still stuck trying to find some way to escape unnoticed. Way to leave us with a cliffhanger.

So, I said that the US government has to decide whether to wipe out Seattle or not. And of course General Mills (Andrew Kavadas) is very interested in making this happen. The chairwoman (Judith Maxie) of this council is the tie breaker when the vote is split. The thing is, the night before, she finds her son watching “Hi Zombie.” She sits down and watches with him and actually learns a lot about zombie-kind. The show convinces her that zombies are normal people who can be pushed to do awful things, just like everyone else, and that wiping them out would be murder. So she votes against nuking Seattle. Peyton doesn’t know it, but her helping the show get made actually saved the city in the end, even if it did get her fired.

Speaking of Peyton getting fired, she drinks her pain away all episode, and does awful karaoke at Don E Be Goodz (surprising, since Aly Michalka is actually a professional singer, but I guess her character Peyton isn’t). She then punches a guy in the face and starts a bar fight when he calls her a bad mayor. Poor Peyton, she really was a great mayor.

General Mills is pissed when the vote doesn’t go his way, and the last scene of the episode is of him calling Dolly Durkins and offering to team up with her, so that can’t be good.

The other significant plot-line this episode (though it’s more in the background) is the Freylich brains situation. Blaine’s kidnappers are having trouble kidnapping the Freylich kids because they know people are coming after them and have taken precautions. Meanwhile, the one Freylich kid – technically college age –  whose brain Blaine has managed to buy, Darcy (Valerie Tian), gets mad at Don E and storms off when he talks of Bunny’s death so casually. When he apologizes to her, he professes his love for her, and proposes to her (despite the fact that he doesn’t even know her last name). She’s dying anyway, so she says yes. I still think that Don E’s romance with Darcy is eventually going to pit him and Blaine against each other on the matter of Freylich brains, so let’s see how this plays out.

Lastly, after figuring out that Max Rager was the secret ingredient, Martin says that he’s ready to put his grand plan in motion. He says that the US delegates they infected are standing by and coyote routes are prepped and ready. This cannot be good.